“Jesus for Your Liver” Hangover Remedy Intox-Detox Offers Complimentary Holiday Samples

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LEESBURG, VA – 12-23-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Intox-Detox is launching a Holiday marketing campaign that is sure to cause more than a little controversy. The tagline “Jesus for Your Liver” and their videos portraying Jesus Christ giving positive testimonials for their herbal hangover remedy product are likely to ruffle a few feathers, according to CEO/Founder Andy Bennett.


“We have always been a company that has no fear of controversy. We have to be because we deal with massive skepticism every day. It’s only natural. I’ve always looked up to Guinness for their outside-of-the-box marketing, which has always set them apart from other beers companies. Jesus for Your Liver is our way of doing that. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. And I’m convinced that Jesus has a healthy sense of humor!”


Launched in 2013, Intox-Detox was one of the first of what Mr. Bennett calls the “new-school” of liver detox and alcohol recovery products. The Intox-Detox website states that their product is clinically-proven to both protect the liver and help avoid the misery of the morning after drinking.


There has been a rush of new companies into a market that Yale News projected to be $785 million a year in 2018. When Intox-Detox started, says Bennett, there were only a handful of companies on the market using the best, most-science-based ingredients. “There was us and Life Support, who have a very good product. We were the only ones using the clinically-proven Japanese Raisin Extract. Many newcomers to the market are using the right ingredients, but that isn’t enough. You have to use the right materials in the right amounts and at the right time for optimal, healthful effects.”


What sets Intox-Detox apart from competitors? Bennett responds: “We are the small, boot-strapping Irish-family-owned business next-door, and we have managed to stick around for four years. My goal was to help social drinkers like me strike the delicate balance between living life to the fullest and staying healthy. We did that by using the highest-quality, most clinically-proven ingredients, and putting them into a formula that is FDA-compliant, all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, made in America and just downright effective. Our product is taken before drinking because of the ingredients’ ability to protect the liver, as well as alleviate the suffering of the next morning.”


The “Jesus for Your Liver” videos reference that “water to wine thing” Jesus is famous for, as well as the fact that Jesus “knows a thing or two about rising from the dead.” In one video, Jesus even sings the “Happy Birthday” song to himself. Watch the video here. Bennett says they take their product and customers very seriously, but when it comes to marketing “We try to make ourselves and our customers laugh with slogans like the Condom for Your Liver or Jesus for Your Liver. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and providing a great product to help people enjoy their lives in a positive way.”


Intox-Detox is looking for investors to continue developing new products. One concept is a craft beer with their proprietary blend in it, something they actually made with Sailfish Brewing Company of Fort Pierce, Florida. Another is a simple syrup blend to make popular drinks like margaritas sugar-free and with liver-protective ingredients. MurLarkey Distilled Spirits of Bristow, Virginia has expressed some interest, according to Bennett. Other products in R&D phase include an all-natural energy drink, a daily liver detox formula and Intox-Teatox, a bottled iced tea beverage that contains their detox blend.


Bennett is also actively seeking retailers and distributors, in what he calls a rapidly evolving retail landscape, where e-commerce and Amazon are changing the paradigm. “It’s actually great for small companies because Amazon and web sales even the playing field and give companies like Intox-Detox more control of our fate, not to mention less overhead paying gatekeepers. The same way Bitcoin is trying to decentralize currency, the evolving retail construct gives me hope for the future of small businesses.” Intox-Detox can be purchased on their website or via Amazon Prime.


Intox-Detox offers a complimentary sample, where you pay $3.99 for shipping and they send you one serving of the product to try. To celebrate the Holidays on December 22 and 23, 2017 they are mailing out totally free samples to the first 50 people who signup. You can get your sample on their Better Tomorrows Blog. You can also enter the New Year’s Eve Giveaway here, for which the prize is a $100 gift card to Total Wine and a 12-serving box of Intox-Detox ($150 retail value).


Whether Intox-Detox truly is “Jesus for Your Liver” remains to be seen. As the marketing realm continues to be dominated by The Most Interesting Man in the World, Captain Obvious, the Dollar Shave and Beard Clubs, Poo Pourri and the infamous Squatty Potty, Intox-Detox is trying to leave a lasting impression and carve out a marketing niche in the hangover remedy category. That is, if they don’t get crucified in the process.

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