ZPower® Announces Collaboration With WIDEX

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ZPower batteries are safe, non-flammable and recyclable; no other rechargeable battery on the market today can provide this combination of features and benefits.

Camarillo, Calif.

ZPower, the world’s only developer of rechargeable, silver-zinc microbatteries, announces its collaboration with Denmark-based hearing aid manufacturer WIDEX A/S to offer a rechargeable battery solution for its WIDEX BEYOND™ range of hearing aids. The new BEYOND Z will begin shipping this month in the U.S. and Canada, and shipments to the rest of the markets will begin Q1 ’18. Additionally, current BEYOND users will be able to get BEYOND Z by having their BEYOND hearing aids retrofitted for a fee.

ZPower batteries offer hearing aid wearers the confidence of all-day power and the flexibility to interchange ZPower batteries with zinc-air disposable batteries. Additionally, ZPower batteries are safe, non-flammable and recyclable; no other rechargeable battery on the market today can provide this combination of features and benefits.

“We are pleased that WIDEX chose ZPower’s rechargeable silver-zinc battery technology for their BEYOND hearing aids,” said Sara Sable-Antry, VP of Sales and Marketing for ZPower. “With the launch of the BEYOND Z, more patients will benefit from the convenience of reliable, rechargeable hearing aids.”

“The combination of superior sound quality and effortless smartphone integration in BEYOND is proving to be a popular solution for hearing-aid users,” said Jørgen Jensen, CEO of Widex. “The fact that power consumption of WIDEX hearing aids is among the lowest in the industry made building on the success of BEYOND with the introduction of a rechargeable option a natural next step.”

To learn more about ZPower batteries, please visit http://www.zpowerhearing.com.

To learn more about WIDEX BEYOND Z, please visit https://global.widex.com/en/hearing-aids/beyond-z-rechargeable-hearing-aids.

About ZPower, LLC
ZPower, with headquarters and a manufacturing facility in Camarillo, California, is a leader in the development of rechargeable silver-zinc batteries for microbattery applications. ZPower batteries deliver unmatched performance, improve user experience and are better for the environment. ZPower is ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2008 certified, and its facility and devices are registered with the FDA. For more information, visit http://www.zpowerbattery.com.

About Widex A/S
At Widex, we believe in a world where there are no barriers to communication; a world where people interact freely, effortlessly and confidently. With sixty years’ experience in developing state-of-the-art technology, we provide hearing solutions that are easy to use, seamlessly integrated in daily life and enable people to hear naturally. As one of the world’s leading hearing aid producers, our products are sold in more than 100 countries, and we employ 4,000 people worldwide. Read more at http://www.widex.com.

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