Zion Health Announces a New Line of Uniquely Formulated Long Lasting Natural Deodorant Without the Use of Propylene Glycol or Aluminum.

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SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – 11-09-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

Zion Health announced today the formal launch of their new propylene glycol free Bold line of long lasting ClayDry natural deodorants. The new line of ClayDry is uniquely formulated with healing clay and without propylene glycol or aluminum. The new and improved formula offers remarkable odor protection of more than 24 hours. This natural non-aluminum and propylene glycol free deodorant is now available to be purchased at local health markets throughout the U.S. and Canada in its larger and improved 2.8 ounce size. 


According to the National Cancer Institute, aluminum-based compounds can be absorbed through the skin, and cause excessive hormone levels that can promote the growth of breast cancer cells. Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton, author of Toxic Overload, states, “Aluminum compounds – particularly aluminum chlorohydrate – are easily absorbed through the skin and have…already been linked with higher risks of Alzheimer’s.”


ClayDry’s base is formulated from calcium montmorillonite clay, also known as “living clay,” a nutrient-rich clay well known for its detoxifying properties. Zion Health sales manager, Marie Holmes, states, “Finding a natural deodorant that lasts more than two hours has been a big complaint from consumers. Our new bold line of natural deodorants can last longer than 24 hours.” ClayDry Bold is formulated for athletes and is known to offer long lasting odor protection without using propylene glycol, aluminum, sulfates, or parabens.


Zion provides its consumers with natural clay body care products that are vegan, cruelty free, without aluminum and formulated using certified organic ingredients whenever possible. Zion products may be purchased at health markets throughout the U.S and Canada and online at http://www.adamaminerals.com. For more information on Zion Health products, visit their website www.zionhealth.com




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