Yumami Food Company’s Award-Winning Snacks to Be Featured at Consumer Discovery Show 2017

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Yumami Food Company, the natural foods startup known for its line of Asian-inspired savory snacks, will showcase its grab-n-go and shareable products at the 2017 Consumer Discovery Show (CDS), taking place at Spring Studios in New York City on Friday, November 17 and Saturday, November 18.

Curated by FounderMade, CDS will feature a lineup of inspiring business pioneers sharing their stories as well as a broad selection of innovative consumer goods brands presenting their products.

“Since launching in February this year, we’ve already won awards and been recognized by food and health writers as a way to eat better without sacrificing pleasure,” said Karsten Ch’ien, Co-Founder of Yumami. “We’re excited to share our delicious Asian flavor profile with retailers, influencers, and investors, and to promote our message that savory, plant-based snacking with no added sugar is a vital industry trend. We tell people to think of flavor first, then the healthy part becomes easy.”

Yumami launched with a grab-n-go offering exclusively at Northeast Whole Foods Markets: Go-Dip snack packs that pair savory bean dips and nori seaweed-speckled popped rice chips. Customers consistently asked for larger servings of the ‘next-gen hummus’ and chips, so the company is currently soft launching 8oz Savory Dips and 4oz bags of Popped Nori Chips in select NY metro retailers.

About Yumami Food Company:
Yumami Food Company is an award-winning natural foods startup that makes Asian-inspired savory snacks. Based in New York City, Yumami’s dip and chip products are found in select retailers from Massachusetts to Texas, and online. Learn more at http://www.yumamifood.com.

About FounderMade:
FounderMade curates breakthrough consumer brands and drives growth through direct access to retailers, distributors, investors, influencers, and consumers.

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