Youth across India and other countries spreading the attitude of gratitude on the occasion of Abhar Utsav(15th-21st Nov)

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November 16, 2017 – Thousands of youth in India and several other countries are celebrating Abhar Utsav or the Gratitude Week, starting from 15th of November. Initiated as a small gesture in 2015, where a group of volunteers created Thanks cards, along with children at a shelter home in Navi Mumbai, the occasion is now being celebrated across various countries like Egypt, Spain, China, Vietnam and Pakistan.

There is so much we have received free of cost, like the air we breathe, the water from the clouds, the light from the Sun, the list is endless. And we take all these things for-granted. From the cave man till the modern-day scientists, man has always been attempting to advance in science and technology to make lives better. Today we stand on the shoulders of millions of people who have invented things that we use, but we believe that these are all ‘mine’. We start to believe that ‘I’ am the achiever of what I get. And as this ‘Ego’ grows, it takes us away from our real self, away from happiness.

By developing an attitude of Gratitude we connect with the world, we can expand our existence. We would cease to think as an independent ‘achiever’ but as a team-member who is playing his/her role and is being supported by the Universe. We become humble and better prepared to learn and grow. We move away from Ego, towards our true state of Happiness.

A simple experiment is to start practicing ‘focused gratitude’ by thanking people who have added value to our lives. If we just think for a moment, we will be able to identify countless number of people who have directly contributed to our lives. Be it our teachers, mentors, friends, parents, colleagues, doctor and so on. Many of them, we may not even acknowledge or express Gratitude, because we believe that what they did was their job. This Abhar Utsav start developing the attitude of Gratitude by sending Abhar postcards or at least thanking people digitally.

Abhar Utsav is an occasion to reflect on all that we consume from the world and Thank people who have contributed positively to our lives. The attitude of Gratitude enables us to remain humble, expand our mindset and become Happier. More details or support related to Abhar Utsav can be found on or by contacting Karmyo, which is a global community of responsible, young citizens. They can be reached on happy ( @ ) karmyo dot com.


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