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The social media platforms that we see today focuses on connecting people. We want to help people discover what they really want.


A new social wish network start-up have launched their app in the iTunes Apple Store.

The time and consideration spent on shopping is exhausting and there are times where people receive a gift that they would rather not have. In order to prevent this incident, people often give up the element of surprise by revealing their wishlist to their friends and family.

Wishpoke wishes to fix this. Users will browse through different categories of interests and create their own wishlist for any type of occasion. By having those lists available for your followers, it will make it easier for people to give a gift that people actually want.

Keeping track of numerous occasions is difficult and in order to provide a helping hand, Wishpoke created both a calendar and a ‘promise’. The calendar is there for users to input all their special occasions and be organized while the promise feature is basically a push reminder for both sides: promising to buy the specific gift in someone’s wishlist or reminding someone that they promised you that gift.

“The social media platforms that we see today focuses on connecting people. We want to help people discover what they really want,” Kevin Park, the Founder and Creative Director of Wishpoke, worked on the app back in South Korea for two years before moving to California where Wishpoke was one of the many start-ups chosen by GVS Labs.

While continuously improving their app, Wishpoke is planning to launch their beta version sometime in Feburary 2018.

About Wishpoke: Wishpoke is a start-up hoping to fulfill their mission in creating a stress-free gift shopping experience. The free mobile app makes it possible to choose the perfect gift by having users create wish-lists and allowing their followers be exposed to it. Receiving guidance and support from GVS Labs in Redwood City, Wishpoke launched their app in the App Store and the Android version is currently in progress. Additional inormation can be provided when emailing info(at)wishpoke.com.

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