With OLA Membership, the Future Is Bright at Payday.live

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Los Angeles, CA — 11/17/2017 — Payday.live is proud to announce that after a long and arduous process, it has been approved to join the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) as a member of the premier trade association serving for the betterment of both companies and customers in the online financial services industry.

Normal LLC, Parent Company of Payday.live, confirmed in a statement this week that Payday.live “is accepted into the Online Lenders Alliance.” Acceptance into the OLA means Payday.live will have continued access and support in all facets of the industry, including new technologies, legislation and customer best practices.

Given the highly splintered and divisive nature of the online financial services industry, online lending in particular, membership into the OLA allows Payday.live to leverage its unique perspective and context within the online lending space. This will further extend its ability to save consumers' time while connecting them to interested lenders.

Payday.live occupies a unique and specific perspective within online lending. Since it is neither a lender or borrower, its sole focus is to help consumers find a lender that is likely willing to extend credit. By serving as a conduit between the parties, Payday.live provides a convenient and safe solution for lenders and borrowers alike as they look for efficient and effective solutions in the crowded online lending marketplace.

While Payday.live takes pride in its specific placement within the industry, allowing consumer to quickly resolve sudden financial issues like medical bills and car repair costs, it also actively encourages consumers to seek financial assistance and guidance whenever needed and appropriate.

Its recent approval for membership into the Online Lenders Alliance will only further enhance its ability to provide a valuable function to lenders and consumers as each looks to establish healthy financial relationships that are in their mutual best interest.

With Payday.live, consumers have an ally against the predatory lenders that have bruised the entire industry with their often unsavory lending practices. Likewise, Payday.live also helps insulate lenders from a segment of the customer base that are more prone to loan default and fraud.

Payday.live anticipates a bright future as its membership into the OLA will only strengthen its already determined and ethical place in the online financial services industry and looks forward to working with both consumers and lenders for years to come.

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Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson

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