Wisconsin-Based Company GiftWorksPlus Releases Holiday-Themed Picture Frames for 2017 Season

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Waukesha, WI, December 24, 2017 — This year for the 2017 holiday season, the local company GiftWorksPlus has come up with brand new custom made picture frames designed especially for different winter holidays. The company, which was founded by its current president Karla Jordan, is based in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Their only goal is to help their customers find the perfect gift for all the special people in their lives. While the company specializes in unique gifts in the form of custom picture frames, including family frames, school frames, sports frames and plenty more. The company also offers unique gifts such as personalized keychains, wooden game boards, wine boxes, cigar humidors, and more.

This 2017 holiday season, GiftWorksPlus has created a plethora new custom themes and designs for specific holidays and celebrations. These photo frames come in different sizes, shapes, and designs as well as themes depending on their customers holiday traditions. Themes include Christmas frames, Hanukkah frames, Kwanzaa frames, and even winter activity themed frames for those who do not celebrate specific holidays but still enjoy the season.

Karla Jordan, owner of GiftWorksPlus, emphasizes the importance of providing frames for all religions and traditions. “The holiday season is a time for everyone to enjoy being with loved ones and giving meaningful gifts. Here at GiftWorksPlus we always want to provide frames in all different themes so that there is a perfect option for whomever you are buying for. Especially for the holidays we want to provide these options so everyone can give or enjoy a personalized gift whether they have the same traditions as you or not!”

It is clear that using the best quality materials is something that is also very important to Karla, as these frames are made of 100% wood as well as made in the United States. True to her goal, Karla is also an author of the ebook Personalized Gift Buying Made Easy, which is available on the GIftWorksPlus website. Also available on the website are all of the custom-made products and gifts that have been created with all of their unique customers in mind.

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