Winclap Upends Mobile User Acquisition with Real-Time Pricing®

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BERLIN, Nov. 30, 2017 — Winclap ( the newly launched technology company that helps mobile app developers achieve their growth strategies, announced today the launch of Real-Time Pricing® (RTP®). This product is the world's first ever tool that allows developers to measure quality and pay accordingly. RTP® offers a strategic alternative to the fixed-rate CPI model for mobile app campaigns. By measuring engagements, interactions, retention rates and even purchases, RTP® allows mobile app developers to pay a cost for new users that's tied directly to the value those users bring to their businesses.

RTP®'s sophisticated algorithms tap into dozens of historical and real-time data sets to accurately predict the value of the user behind each new install. It then calculates the optimal cost to pay based on user quality. The higher the ranking, the higher the payout. Conversely, the lower the ranking, the lower the cost.

“The fixed-rate CPI model is a bad deal for mobile app developers,” said Mariano Saenz, CEO of Winclap. “It's equivalent to paying the same price for a Mercedes sedan as a Ford economy car. In every other market the price is based on actual value of the product delivered. RTP ensures that same principle is applied to the mobile-app user acquisition strategy.”

RTP® answers a critical need felt by the mobile app ecosystem. “We're at an inflection point right now. Installs aren't enough, mobile app developers must demonstrate viable business models, which in turn, requires an active and profitable user base. RTP works towards this goal by driving efficiency in the entire customer acquisition process,” said Gonzalo Olmedo COO at Winclap.

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About Winclap
Winclap is the world's first Adtech company who aims to bring accountability to media sources that run mobile user acquisition performance campaigns. Its flagship product, Real-Time Pricing® (RTP®), predicts in real time the potential value each user who installs an app will bring to the business and calculates a fair and transparent price to pay for them.

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