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LONDON, UK – 02-21-2018 (Press Release Jet) — So, what is it that is stopping you? You are financially astute, you are keen to improve your financial position and you have money to invest. The problem, and it is the same for many potential investors, is knowing where to start. Indeed, there is so much to learn that the first step can seem an insurmountable hurdle.

Thankfully, Back Office Investor, a new web-based service, provides the know-how necessary for you to make a successful start to your investment career. The service allows subscribers to compare the performance of listed companies and to apply proven investment rules that help them to maximise their returns.

Back Office Investor is used by novices and by experienced investors. Its video-based tutorials explain how stock markets work and teach new investors how to read and understand financial data. More experienced investors can skip straight to the financial charts which underpin the Back Office Investor experience. 

The detailed financial reports available via the Back Office Investor site cover more than 2,700 companies. Updated on a daily basis, the reports present key financial measures in an accessible and easy-to-digest format. Investors can quickly assess the key performance indicators to make informed investment decisions.

Back Office Investor also makes it easy for investors to manage their investment portfolios and to track businesses with potential. Companies are easily added to a watch list and it takes a matter of seconds to view the triggered buy and triggered sell reports which help to keep smart investors ahead of the game.

More information, including details of a free trial offer, is available on the Back Office Investor website (www.backofficeinvestor.com). 

For more information, contact: 
Colin Till (Founder & CEO), Back Office Investor, [email protected]

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Full Name: Colin D Till
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Website: www.backofficeinvestor.com

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