Vistas In Education Provides Planning Guide for Student Trips to France

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Company offers strategies for success including ways to get school board approval

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 12-16-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Student travel organization Vistas In Education now offers the premier guide for French teachers planning a trip with students to France.

Vistas In Education is a student travel company that focuses solely on France. The company, founded in 1976, remains dedicated to providing American students the opportunity to bring to life what they study in classrooms.

The company now offers its free downloadable “Ultimate Guide for Planning a Trip to France with Students.” A digital version of the guide features valuable information including what the first steps to planning a trip with students to France should be.

French teachers can download a sample letter to the superintendent, a sample “Dear Administrator” letter, an informational handout for parents and students, and pre-travel meeting suggestions. Tips include seeking school board approval as soon as possible, preferably a year before the planned trip.

Going past just offering forms, Vistas In Education gives teachers questions that they can use to interview potential students and learn about both why they want to go on the trip and any apprehensions they have.

The downloadable guide includes information on cultural differences in France, a map of new regions in the country, and travel preparation activities.  

French teachers planning to take a trip with students to France will find much of their planning already done for them thanks to this handy guide.

VIE includes an organized educational travel portion and a one-week Family Stay experience that gives students the chance to experience the culture and develop lifelong friendships.

Students who travel through VIE are accompanied by their French teacher and bilingual French guides. 

VIE founder Michel Wolf created Vistas in Education to show students an authentic side of France. His life-long goal remains promoting exchanges between French and American students and their families through travel programs and Family Stay opportunities.

Along with its location in Minneapolis, Vistas In Education permanently staffs an office in Paris. 

For more information about Vistas in Education and its student travel guide, visit its website at or call 612-823-7217.

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