Video Content is the Hottest Commodity in Content Marketing Today (found in a study by

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    BELGRADE, SERBIA, November 17, 2017 — In a recent study conducted by conducted on a sample of more than 100 marketing executives in 12 countries it was found that video content has the highest growth potential from a selection of several competitive content fields and strategies. Most answers emphasized ROI associated with this type of content and the existence of platforms such as Youtube, Snapchat and Vimeo as well as growingly increased availability of video technology and hardware.

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It's no secret that digital marketing has been shaping the world of marketing in recent times. So much so, that some of the biggest companies around focus solely on digital marketing as their primary channel of promotion. Digital media advancements are changing the way we consume content. While video content was growing in importance in the past, it has now become the essential part of any content strategy. Recent studies by Syndacast have shown that 52% marketers worldwide name video as the type of content with best ROI.

When explaining why video is gaining in popularity, their assessment is that it's a numbers game. If you do not have a video explainer, quarter of your audience will lose interest in your brand. In addition to that, almost half the consumers are doing their best to avoid any contact with brand salesperson. Hence, you need another effective “channel of communication”. In support of that, Visual Website Optimizer concluded that video explainers increase conversion by 46%. It quickly becomes obvious why companies are trying to shift their marketing efforts to adopt and reinvent their approach to their own brand.


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