Veterinary Lasers Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2016–2024

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Sarasota, FL — 11/13/2017 — Veterinary Lasers Market: Overview

The use of the veterinary lasers is done in the treatment of the pets. In the laser therapy, the use of specific wavelengths of light is made in order to penetrate into the injured cells which stimulate the recovery of the cells. With the help of the laser therapy, the following benefits are obtained such as reduced pain, increased metabolic and vascular activity, faster wound healing, and an accelerated rate of tissue repair.

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Veterinary Lasers Market: Facts

The market player Biolase have developed the Epic V Series which is an advanced version of the veterinary lasers. The Epic V Series has the ability to cut faster using low power and that too emitting less heat. This gives the pet better comfort, reduced trauma, and improves the healing rate.

Veterinary Lasers Market: Growth Factors

The veterinary lasers market will grow at a significant rate in the coming years owing to the increased adoption of the pets by the individuals. The major factors that are driving the veterinary lasers market are the availability of the safe treatment options, availability of the treatment options that requires less time, and the availability of the treatment options that are economical and provide efficient benefits. The other factors that are driving the veterinary lasers market are the increasing awareness about the pet care, the development of the veterinary lasers that are non-invasive, and the availability of the surgical options, and the post-surgery recovery time is reduced. All these factors are propelling the growth of the veterinary lasers market. The increased applications of the several animals such as feline, avian, canine, equine, and others are increasing the revenue contribution in the veterinary lasers market. The factor that is limiting the growth of the veterinary lasers market is the increased costs associated with the veterinary lasers and the absence of the skilled professionals.

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Veterinary Lasers Market: Segmentation

The global veterinary lasers market is fragmented into its product type, configuration, application, and the end-user industry. On the basis of the type of product, the global market is segregated into surgical lasers/ high energy laser therapy and therapeutic lasers/ low-level laser therapy. On the basis of configuration, the veterinary lasers market is categorized into portable, bench-top, and compact. On the basis of application, the market is divided into soft tissue surgery and pain therapy. On the basis of the end-user industry, the market is bifurcated into veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals, and others.

Veterinary Lasers Market: Regional Analysis

The region that contributes the major revenue share in the veterinary lasers market is the North America. North America is followed by Europe due to the increasing awareness among the people about the pet health and the rise in the treatments that are time saving and non-invasive. A moderate rate of market growth is experienced in Asia Pacific region. In the coming years, the market will develop in Asia Pacific region owing to the increasing number of local manufacturers, product developments, and the rise in the adoption of the treatment methods that are non-invasive.

Veterinary Lasers Market: Competitive Players

The key market players that are involved in the veterinary lasers market include VBS Direct Limited, SpectraVET Inc., Aspen Laser Systems, LLC, Aesculight, Cutting Edge Laser Technologies, Excel Lasers Limited, Biolase, Inc., K-Laser, LLC, and others.

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Veterinary Lasers Market: Regional Segment Analysis

North America
Asia Pacific
Latin America
Middle East and Africa

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