Veterinary Grooming Aids Market Is Growing Due Increasing Number of Companion Animal Owners

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New York, NY — 12/18/2017 — According to FDA, veterinary grooming aids are labeled or otherwise intended for therapeutic purposes, they may be considered drugs. This may occur when a grooming aid is labeled to contain an active drug ingredient or to otherwise suggest imply a therapeutic therapy. Grooming aids for animal formulated and labeled only to cleanse or beautify the animal are not subject to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Grooming Aids are basically intended for therapeutic purposes, to clean or to beautify the animals. Veterinary grooming aids are mainly used to maintain hygiene of the animal to prevent the diseases along with process by which the physical appearance of the animal is changed. Veterinary grooming aids mainly include brushes, mitts, later rubber, vacuum cleaning head attachments and others. There are two types of grooming services are available, the mobile groom shops and retail-based groom shops. In mobile grooming service, grooming service is offered at home whereas in retail-based groom shops are animals are groomed at pet shops.

Veterinary Grooming Aids Market: Drivers and Restraints

According to the American Pet Products Association's National Pet Owners Survey, There are 79.7 million U.S. households with pets. Because the appearance of the animal is important, the veterinary grooming aids market has witnessed a robust growth due to increasing demand. According to the 2007-2008 APPMA National Pet Owners' survey, many pet owners spend an average of $127 on grooming and grooming aids. Commercially available veterinary grooming aids are more convenient than traditional rooming aids with improved safety. There is growing demand for veterinary grooming aids due to the increasing awareness in people to keep the animal healthy and hygienic. Along with changing demographics in emerging countries also driving veterinary grooming aids market due to increasing number of companion animal owners. All these factors boosting the rapid growth of the veterinary grooming aids market

The difficulties of coping with animal injuries due to improper use of grooming aids and changing regulation for animal protection limiting the growth of the veterinary grooming aids market.

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Veterinary Grooming Aids Market: Market Overview

Global Veterinary Grooming Aids market has witnessed a robust growth due to increasing demand for hygiene and health condition of the companion animals. Veterinary Grooming Aids market has a presence of many regional players which have a huge market share in emerging countries operating at regional or country level. There are huge opportunities for the untapped markets in emerging countries due to few approved players of the Veterinary Grooming Aids. The key players in the Veterinary Grooming Aids market are mainly focused on expansion by collaborations and partnerships with local vendors in increase the market reach of the products. The future of Veterinary Grooming Aids market anticipated with double CAGR during forecasting period.

Veterinary Grooming Aids Market: Region-Wise Overview

Global Veterinary Grooming Aids market segmented into following regions North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Japan and the Middle East and Africa. North America is dominant in the Global Veterinary Grooming Aids market mainly due to increased acceptance by end-user population. In North America, particularly the USA is dominating due to the high penetration. Economic conditions in the APAC region are set to drive the Veterinary Grooming Aids market to new heights. European and APAC are fastest growing region due to rising awareness of Veterinary Grooming Aids Market. Growth in the Middle East and African region is considerably less when compared to the other regions. However, North America would maintain its position in the Veterinary Grooming Aids market, though, we are anticipating emerging economies such India, China, Brazil, to have the highest growth rate in Veterinary Grooming Aids market.

Veterinary Grooming Aids Market: Key Participants

The key participants in the Veterinary Grooming Aids market mainly include Garmon Corp., Jorgensen Labs, Loyal Canine Co.., United Pet Group Inc, and others. Companies are mainly focused on R&D to strengthen core competencies of the company's product portfolio.

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