Ventura County Public Works Agency to increase opportunity for bicycle commute

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Ventura, CA December 20, 2017 – This decision was based on the information presented by VCPWA TD’s bike lane study. The study, which included results from the Ventura County Transportation Commission Bicycle Wayfinding Plan, recommended new guidance on criteria for prioritizing bike lane improvements. With the Board of Supervisors’ suggestions, the bike lanes were separated into three categories that focus on the complexity of construction:

• Category A – 48 bike lane miles on roads with existing paved shoulders. Construction of these bike lanes will only require proper signage, striping, and pavement markings. VCPWA TD plans to complete the striping, symbols, and signage for the Category A bike lanes over the next couple of years with current funding.

• Category B – 42 bike lane miles on roads with existing, but unpaved shoulders. The construction of these bike lanes requires pavement widening, signage, striping, and pavement markings. These bike lanes were ranked based off of safety and comfort, route readiness, sustainability and economic benefit, partnership and funding leverage. The Board of Supervisors expressed a desire to have these completed in the next five years and an intent to fund the construction which will require funding beyond what is currently in the VCPWA TD expected budget.

• Category C – 104 bike lane miles on roads with existing narrow shoulders or no shoulders. The construction of these bike lanes will require drainage improvements, utility relocation, right-of-way acquisition, removal of tree obstructions and road realignment may be required. No funding is currently available for these bike lanes.

In addition, the Board of Supervisors accepted the federal/state funds for three bike lane projects on Potrero Road, Casitas Visa Road and Sespe Street.

“The approval of the criteria for bike lanes, and subsequent construction, will assist in promoting the overall health of the community and make it safer for cyclists and motorists alike,” said David Fleisch, Director of VCPWA TD. “We look forward to delivering these transportation enhancements to the community.”

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