UV Disinfection Equipment Market – Rapid Industrialization to Create Need for Safe and Clean Water

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Albany, NY — 11/09/2017 — With the recent rise in the demand for physical disinfection using ultraviolet (UV) technology, the global market for UV disinfection equipment has witnessed a phenomenal progress since the last few years. The rapid, easy and chemical-free approach of UV disinfection technology and various other benefits it offers in disinfection have fueled the demand for UV disinfection equipment significantly across the world.

Since UV disinfection technology is a cost efficient and easy-to-use physical disinfection method which does not leave disinfection by-products, its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds, reflecting positively on the growth of the worldwide market for UV disinfection equipment. This market, which stood at US$1.62 bn in 2016, is anticipated to witness continued growth over the next few years. Expanding at an impressive CAGR of 17.40% between 2017 and 2025, the opportunity in this market is projected to increase immensely to US$6.73 bn by the end of 2025.

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Demand for UV Disinfection Equipment High in Water and Wastewater Treatment

Water and wastewater, air, food and beverages, and surfaces are the main areas, where UV disinfection equipment find a widespread application. The adoption of UV disinfection technology is significantly higher in water and wastewater treatment. Researchers expect this rate to remain high, as people across the world are preferring UV disinfection technology – it does not generate disinfection by-products – over chlorine-based disinfection.

In 2016, the UV disinfection equipment for water treatment led the global market with a share of 56.5%. However, the wastewater segment is anticipated to surpass the water segment over the forecast period, owing to the increasing emphasis on the need to treat wastewater before it is pumped into the environment. The usage of UV disinfection equipment is also expected to increase substantially in the segments of air, food and beverages, and surface over the next few years.

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North America to Retain its Dominance

North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Rest of the World are the key geographical categories of the worldwide UV disinfection equipment market. In 2016, North America, driven by demand from the U.S., emerged as the leading contributor to the global market for UV disinfection equipment market, accounting for a share of nearly 36.7% in the overall revenue. Researchers expect it to maintain its dominance over the forthcoming years. With a fairly high number of UV disinfection companies, North America and Europe are coming out as mature regional markets for UV disinfection equipment.

Amongst others, the Asia Pacific market for UV disinfection equipment is likely to report a potential growth in its share over the years to come. Most of the countries in Asia Pacific face water scarcity, driving the need to invest in the development of highly efficient infrastructure for water management. The augmenting need to cleanse wastewater and put it to use across various industries is likely to increase investments in effective wastewater treatment technologies in this region over the next few years. India, China, and Japan are at the forefront in using UV disinfection in water and wastewater treatment in Asia Pacific. The adoption of UV disinfection in the Rest of the World, especially in Southern Africa and South America, is slower as compared to the other regions of the world. The scenario is likely to remain same in the near future due to the fluctuating economic conditions in these regions.

Severn Trent Plc, Calgon Carbon Corp., Xylem Inc., Trojan Technologies, Aquionics, Atlantium Technologies Ltd., Atlantic Ultraviolet Corp., First Light Technologies Ltd., Green Water Technologies, Evoqua Water Technologies LLC, General Lighting, Advanced UV, Inc., Hydro-Photon, and Enaqua are some of the leading players operating in the global market for UV disinfection equipment.

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