Tuya Smart Leads The Conference IOT Without Borders

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SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 16, 2017Tuya Smart led the Global Intelligient Conference & 2017 Tuya Smart Service & Platform Strategic Upgrading in Shenzhen. The conference, also named “IOT without borders” invited thousands of global brands and partners as well as relevant associations and governments, discussing topics like AI, Big Data and cloud computing.

Tuya Smart was established in 2014, the founding team came from AliCloud. It has become a global IoT platform that provides Wi-Fi module, Cloud Service and App Development.

Jerry Wang, Founder & CEO of Tuya Smart

The manufacturers are only required to put the Wi-Fi module into their hardware products.

At present, Tuya Smart has accumulated services of more than 2,000 manufacturing enterprises, helping the manufacturing industry move forward through six continents and 165 countries. The cloud platform has over 300 million daily interactions. Moreover, Tuya Smart has created over 10 billion GMVs for customers as we have helped traditional manufactures step into a new retail.

Tuya Smart issued the following programs at this conference:

  • Smart Business Free Program  

Tuya Smart opens its API/SDK and standard APP free of charge to the public, targeting to help 100,000 manufacturing enterprises to achieve product intelligence.

Generate more AI solutions with Tuya Smart's AI platform

  • Global IoT OmniChannel

Open up the channel between first-rate international brands and e-commerce by major platforms, both at home and abroad

  • Smart Business Academy

Associate with Hangzhou Dianzi University, training 10,000+ technical talents and senior managers for IOT industry, issuing white paper, trend analysis and management consulting reports regularly.

  • AI Capital Alliance

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