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Chicago, IL December 16, 2017 – We’ve been seeing tremendous spike in mobile app users thereby the spike in mobile app builders and mobility focused businesses. That’s when we set ourselves on a journey to making our app building service more seamless and user-friendly.

After successfully completing 10k+ projects and more in queue, we gathered insurmountable amount of data. Well after carefully analysing them, the insights that we procured are the main reason why we built this today.

As a matter of fact the insights that we gained from the user generated data were mostly indicating one specific need which is, single framework for multiple apps irrespective of domains they’ll be used for.

This was one of the cold and hard truth that the current innovators and entrepreneurs were awkwardly facing. It is needless for every one of us to come out as a coding savant. Neither is there any such field that we all are supposed to outsmart.

Perhaps, this certainty forced us to build a complete and exhaustive mobile app framework focused on serving every business model. When we say Uber for X, it’s mainly to give our users and prospects an idea of how efficient our apps will be and to set the level of expectation they could expect from us.

Though our initial version of app framework served thousands of users so far, in the middle of all these projects we were approached with multitude of requirements. Such as requests for analytics tool inside the application, framework for niche markets (we will talk about this further down), marketing resource materials for reach and to have an SEO optimized application even from the start.

Our updated version will offer more of what our existing users were expecting from us along with a tremendous change and inclusions in the look and feel of the entire skeleton of our application.

Our focus for this update was subjective to 3 top requested domains. Primarily focusing on the constituents that each of this domain were highly relying on. Available for seamless access on both the Android and iOS devices.

Uber for X for top requested domains:
Uber for Taxi
Uber for Plumber
Uber for Courier

Uber for Courier
In this update, from the customer’s app home screen, they can see the available drivers around them and decide if they want to book a request before they do so. This gives a more realistic expectation to customers about how long it will take for the nearest available driver to reach them. With minimal customization, you can even allow users to look at the profile and reviews of drivers near them and select the best one. SP can put on their availability calendar to build a dedicated list of tasks on their own preferred dates.

Uber for Taxi
Uber for Taxi is renovated to give away options for Taxi operators to know their day-to-day earnings. With this, drivers can track their earnings and get a thorough list of their day’s sum. The earnings directly transfer to bank accounts every week. With ideas procured from continuous experimentations, we have built a quality Adservice program. On its integration with your food-delivery app, you can stretch your marketing standards and totally rely on its outcomes. Backed up by the best-in-class digital marketing plugins and resources.The extremity of Blockchain technology adoption within markets is the predominant reason why we suggest businesses to adapt to cryptocurrency way of payment options. This opens up the gate for seamless and secure transactions between providers and buyers. With the ability to accept and access multi-national crypto coins, it creates a wider opportunity for businesses to go overseas and prosper along the way.

Uber for Plumber
With service scheduling option, plumbers can mention the type of service they’re willing to offer. Tagged with service selection option which users can use to raise requests so that appropriate plumber picks up, completes and closes the task. Intuitive integrations such as social media integrations for easiness in creating a user account without getting into the weary unique login process. Seamless calling option such as internal calling option is incorporated for quick and trouble-free communication between plumbers and service seekers. Additionally, available toggle feature will help plumbers to turn on and off application based on their schedule.

Uber for X for other domains:
Uber for massage
Uber for car rentals
Uber for beauty
Uber for tow truck
Uber for movers
Uber for mechanics
Uber for TaskRabbit

These updates will ultimately serve as the pivot of future improvements we are about to give our users. Further promising a glitch/bug-free mobile application for every sprouting business in any creative realm.

We are happy to provide one-on-one guidance. A quick call should do. Otherwise, drop in an email to us info ( @ ) appdupe dot com.


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