Top Best Quality Outdoor Kitchen Grills to Have In Your Home

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DALLAS,TX – 12-19-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Texas Outdoor Patio Center offers various kinds of Dallas outdoor kitchens and the best outdoor construction experience services in Frisco and the entire Dallas area. With vast experience in outdoor services, the quality of the products we offer is unmatched by any other kitchen outdoor service providers. This has been made possible through our highly-trained and experienced staff team who are committed to bringing the desires of their customers into reality. If you are in need of outdoor kitchen services, our doors are always wide open to receive you. You can always visit and get to explore the products we offer in our indoor and outdoor displays. So, if you need an outdoor kitchen, just contact us. We guarantee you the ultimate customer service satisfaction. 

Here Are the Top Brands of Kitchen Grills That We Offer:

Lion Premium Grills 

Lion grills are characterized by a robust design, affordability, ease of usage and fair pricing, with all these coming alongside a lifetime warranty. One of the most outstanding characteristics of this brand is the coupling of quality with affordability. If you are looking for an affordable premium grill, then you should go for Lion. 

Lion Premium Grills are designed from stainless steel, with a double-lined hood to ensure durability. This grill is accompanied by stainless burners which burn efficiently and are renowned for their long-life durability relative to other burners. 

Even if you are new to using grills, still there is no need to worry because Lion has you covered with the simplicity in the usage of their grills and a remarkably-low learning period. The control panel is quite easy to operate and its grill conducts heat efficiently which saves both time and energy. 

Are you in love with the fabulous smoky flavor produced when cooking using charcoal? Well, Lion provides you with an upgrade option where you can use a charcoal tray with the grill, offering you excellent cooking adaptability. The charcoal tray can be placed above the burners, and you can light the charcoal using the burners. This makes burning them quite easy since no lighter fluid is required. 

This grill has different upgrade options to suit your desires. You can upgrade its steel flame tamers to a suitable functional performing rod flame taming with a ceramic construction. This ceramic rod extends over a substantial grill area which is useful in evenly distributing heat throughout the heating surface. 

Alternatively, you can purchase exchangeable searing burner that can be used in place of the standard burners. The advantage of this is that it gives you an opportunity to customize the grill burner’s configuration with greater flexibility. 

Additionally, Lion grills come with an outstanding lifetime warranty. This not only covers its burners, the cooking grids and the stainless steel frame but also the housing. The warranty is very important in securing your appliance against damages or failure which could occur. 

Delta Heat Grill 

Delta Heat has earned its popularity through the good quality of its outdoor kitchen appliances. Their products are designed to work efficiently, not to mention their quite low prices as compared to those from other companies. They are manufactured using the highest levels of engineering by the best experts in the industry. 

As a kitchen appliance, Delta Heat Grill has a perfect performance and it is extremely reliable. If you start using it, expect very little to zero failures.

All products from Delta Heat are designed with an LED control panel which offers sufficient lighting, efficient heat and has a ceramic radiant heat system that provides the most suiting cooking area while ensuring that the burners are secured and neat. They are also constructed with 18-gauge stainless-steel-tube U-burners which are capable of producing 25,000 BTUs, efficient halogen lights, creatively designed on the“grill hood and the control panel alongside wonderfully hand-crafted mirror finish, 9-volt electronic ignition capacity and one stainless-steel warming rack that can easily be removed. 

DeltaHeat products also come with high-quality fully-extensional and heavy-duty drawer slides and drawers that are easy to handle. These products are designed with a functional capacity that can hold large trash containers. Their 304 stainless steel body is quite strong to provide maximum durability. 

Among their other useful features are a trash chute, an easily-removable sliding cutting board and a side wall that is perfectly angled to provide direct movement of waste into the container that is below it. However, the trash drawers are not included in the product price, meaning you will need to purchase them separately. 

Coyote S-Series 42-Inch Gas Grill

This Coyote product is designed with a pack of excellent features. It is constructed with adequate internal lightning with beautiful orange LED control panel plus various accessories. This grill has a large surface which provides you with adequate space you need when working. Even though there are other models designed with steel that is constructed with significant space capacity, it’s hard to find one that can compare with the large number of items this grill can hold. 

Coyote S-Series 42-Inch Gas Grill is built to accept up to five burners when in the standard configuration, which are free replaceable with the infra-red burners. This grill produces a lot of power and has a stainless design for durability purposes. Among its other great features are 95,000 BTU output generated by the primary burner, electric ignition, two in-built halogen grill lights, fold-down tables and an internal smoker box. 

Coyote Outdoor has gained its popularity through its quality products which are unmatched since they always guarantee a high-quality durable construction and their output capacity is quite excellent. If you are in need of a grill with a fair price and one that gives maximum output, then this product best suits you. 


With its superior quality Dallas outdoor kitchens, Texas Outdoor Patio Center has gained extensive experience having been in service in the line of outdoor kitchen appliances for a long period of time. This has enabled us to provide our customers with superior quality products and services at all times. Whether you want to build your outdoor kitchen or buy one of our modular kitchens, at Texas Outdoor Patio Center, we will always guarantee you the best Dallas outdoor kitchens products with our quality services to your satisfaction. 

If you are interested in one of our products, you can visit our showrooms and get to have a real-time experience with our indoors and outdoors displays. The advantage of visiting showrooms is that you get to choose what is best for you and have access to an experienced and qualified professional team to advise you on which product is the best for you with regards to your budget. 

With Texas Outdoor Patio Center’s Dallas outdoor kitchens, you can never go wrong! 

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