Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Businesses for 2018

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HARRISBURG, Pa., Dec. 20, 2017 — Pennsylvania Secretary of Banking and Securities Robin L. Wiessmann is offering 10 resolutions to help Pennsylvania businesses protect themselves and their customers in 2018.

“Governor Wolf and I want Pennsylvania businesses to succeed, thrive, and continue to provide the necessary fuel for our commonwealth's economy,” said Secretary Wiessmann. “In the midst of a technology revolution that is changing the business models of many sectors of our economy, these 10 resolutions provide positive, proactive steps businesses can take towards achieving their goals in the New Year.”

Secretary Wiessmann's 10 Top Resolutions for businesses for 2018:

  1. Protect your business and customers by getting serious about cybersecurity. Deliberate cyberattacks and cyberthreats pose substantial risk to Pennsylvania's financial infrastructure and national security. Secretary Wiessmann recently issued guidance to businesses on cybersecurity:
  2. Research how to start up or expand your business by raising capital through a securities offering. In Pennsylvania, selling shares of your company or making a debt offering requires either that you register your sale or seek an exemption. Learn more about this issue:
  3. Renew your state license on time. Renewal deadlines can vary by license type. Learn more about the requirements for financial services providers at:
  4.  Learn how to protect your clients from elder financial abuse. The department offers nationally recognized Senior $AFE and Elder Investment Fraud and Financial Exploitation (EIFFE) Prevention Programs to business groups. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about you and your employees can protect your customers from this crime.
  5. Learn about how the Equifax breach could affect your business and customers. The Equifax data breach will affect businesses and consumers for months and even years. Businesses can take several steps to protect themselves and their customers, including performing due diligence on contracts they may have with Equifax and other companies that handle confidential customer information. Learn more:
  6. Protect your business from email phishing scams. An area of growing cybersecurity concern for businesses is the occurrence of business email scams or business email compromise. Learn how your employees can protect company information:
  7. Protect your customers from card skimmers. Card skimming is a serious offense that that not only affects businesses and their customers, but has also been known to have links to international organized crime. Learn about the multi-agency effort to combat skimmers and what you can do:
  8. Learn how to help your clients affected by the opioid epidemic. Financial services professionals are on the front line of the opioid crisis due to the high costs associated with addiction and treatment. Learn more how to help:
  9. Call your regulator with questions. The department works to ensure that the firms we supervise understand the rules under which they are expected to operate and help them navigate Pennsylvania and federal regulatory structures. Call 1-800-PA-BANKS to connect with your regulator.
  10. Become more well-informed about the marketplace. Secretary Wiessmann and her staff meet with business groups to discuss regulatory issues and industry trends, Contact her office at [email protected].

Business groups interested in department presentations can make inquiries at [email protected]. Anyone can contact the Department of Banking and Securities at 1-800-PA-BANKS or 1-800-600-0007 to ask questions or file complaints about financial transactions, companies, or products. Members of the public are also invited to connect to the department through Facebook and Twitter, or subscribing to the department's newsletter.

Media contact: Ed Novak, 717-783-4721

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