Titanium Raises First $1M in ICO Token Pre-Sale

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We were impressed with the team's plans, proof of concept and the experience that Michael Stollaire's team brings to the table; it didn't take us long to take the leap and get behind the project.


Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services (Titanium) today announced that the company's first fundraising milestone; a softcap of $1M has been reached ahead of the original timeline. As is commonly the practice in ICOs, Titanium launched their token pre-sale which enables supporters to benefit from a bonus for an advance purchase of the currency (Titanium BARs) that will be used exclusively to purchase services from Titanium. “We are thrilled to see the market responding so positively to the business concept,” stated Michael Stollaire, Founder and CEO of Titanium “we have a stellar team on board with an impressive 200+ years of combined experience in global infrastructure enterprise environments, we are excited to see that the community is as excited as we are,” he said.

Titanium is positioned to disrupt the provisioning and virtualization space by being first-to-market, currently dominated by centralized service providers. The Titanium Ecosystem Services Will Include: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Company as a Service™ (CaaS), Bring Your Own Cloud™ (BYOC), DEXchange™, Monitoring as a Service (MaaS), Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), Mining as a Service™ (MIaaS), Instant ICO Incubator™ (III), etc. Titanium is developed on the blockchain platform, so all changes in the environment and assets will be recorded on an immutable ledger, to correlate with standard IT change management and ITIL methodologies. Titanium has already completed trials that demonstrate that it is possible to create entire infrastructure systems on distributed and redundant systems and are on time to deliver IaaS and the associated UIs in Q1 2018. By using a crypto-currency to offer services allows for the usage of smart contracts within the crypto-currency blockchain, making all transactions completely transparent and auditable. This brings a new level of trust and transparency to the business of distributed cloud computing.

“It has been a great experience so far,” added Stollaire, “to have reached our first financial milestone with only a little marketing effort speaks volumes. The majority of the support is a result of word-of-mouth in the crypto currency community via social media groups.” On December 1st the company opened the pre-sale and made supporting materials available to the public. The team supports queries and discussion in a Telegram channel that has grown to over a thousand members in just three weeks.

As CEO of EHI, the technology company that Stollaire founded in 1999, Stollaire has extensive experience in managing aMarch profitable corporation as well as a solid track record of developing relationships with companies such as eBay, General Electric, IBM, Apple and eBay to name just a few. Furthermore his position at EHI provided the opportunity to develop connections with technology leaders, some of whom join him at Titanium.

“We were impressed with the team's plans, proof of concept and the experience that Michael Stollaire's team brings to the table; it didn't take us long to take the leap and get behind the project,” said Corey Hallett following his group’s participation in the pre-sale. “Having the background from EHI has given the project great promise; the Nebraska Consortium felt that supporting the project was certainly in line with our short and long term goals,” he said.

Titanium's presale will complete on December 31st following which the crowdfunding sale begins on January 1, 2018.

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