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LAKE TAHOE, CALIFORNIA – 12-23-2017 (Press Release Jet) — An Important Novel
Charles Fitzsimons was a very dear friend Mr. Leffers misses still.
Murray Jones Leffers, the writer who created a script in 1986 to put Bruce Willis on the big screen way before he did Die Hard that impressed Charles Fitzsimons so big he mentored him privately 20 years and asked Murray to get his latest novel into Harvey Weinstein’s hands back in 1988. Charles Fitzsimons read it and he wanted Harvey Weinstein, a new and shake it up Indie Producer, to read the book.
It was after all a novel about Harvey in Charlie’s mind.
The first biographical novel published before faith delivered a monster when the truth emerged, was originally penned in 1988. Literary history was made when Murray rewrote it with more of his premonitions about what has become a wave of sexual assault allegations plaguing the world since Harvey’s story broke.
Nostradomic, but not like Nostradamus’ silly metaphors, the contrast is riveting, the most remarkable author since Samuel Clements for his insight into the human psyche. A very deep thinker. The biographical novel has three layers of different biographies going. The last five pages are off the charts words to live by.
The protagonist has the life of Weinstein because it is Weinstein’s quasi biography. Concerts, Maurice Kanbar. Reading like fish drink water. Georgina’s occupation. Film. Mr. Leffers referenced Harvey’s face off with Nancy Pelosi in a Magic Mirror Way.
Leffers’ story is about a good man, Kerr Wayland, huge hearted, who only does good. Murray’s own autobiography too, that’s the truthful rub. A story of two men with the same chances and gifts. Harvey and Murray, ‘My choices were better than Harvey’s, he is entirely the opposite of myself. Trip on the fact I drove SKYY VODKA creator Maurice Kanbar to the airport the day he flew to see Harvey Weinstein for his first meeting regarding a film deal they did that eventually went south.’ To quote Mr. Leffers, he was in the middle of all of it. Every moment. A ditto and perfect twin in every detail of the book.
Mr. Leffers worked as Maurice Kanbar’s right-hand man and morning confidant. And lived in his nine story Pacific Heights Building. Had morning coffee with Maurice daily and advised Maurice. Just as the book says, to quote Al Kolvites, President of a Kanbar company, when Mr. Leffers left Kanbar’s employment Al told Murray, ‘I guess everyone got to paddle their own canoe.’
Bill O’Reilly is in the book calling himself an ogre. Duane Allman’s song Melissa is used when speaking to the death of a loved one. Uncanny. Sam Waterston returned to Law and Order this year, he’s in the book, Bebe Stores went bankrupt and they’re in the book. Several other crazy things happened in 2017 after it was published that are in the book. Visionary!
With commentary by two remarkable authors, the incredible novelist Rosamund Lupton, and famed Cowboy Historian and Television Authority Bob Boze Bell.

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