Thermocompressors Market : Global Snapshot by 2025

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New York, NY — 12/15/2017 — Thermocompressors Market: Overview

A compressor is a type of machine or a system in a machine that executes the function of squeezing gas or air and makes it to take up less of space. Thermocompressor is one such type of compressor. Thermocompressor is a sort of pump-like device which do uses the Venturi effect created by converging-diverging nozzle that is fitted with the device. Thermocompressors converts the pressure energy of fluid to velocity energy. Thermocompressors are used in wide range of processes basically to save energy. Thermocompressors performs the function to compresses the low pressure steam to usable pressure levels and henceforth reclaim the heat energy in the low pressure steam, which otherwise would have been wasted. A thermocompressor is comprised of a motive steam nozzle, a mixing chamber, and a diffuser. Thermocompressor is mechanical device yet an indispensable system of complex steam and condensate system. With expansion in industries and simultaneous growth in corresponding operations the thermocompressor market is expected to grow over the forecast period.

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Thermocompressors Market: Drivers and Restraints

Thermocompressor has an extensive usage in various type of industries. The primary function which thermocompressor execute is to reclaim the heat energy in the low pressure steam and reuse it for various operations, which otherwise would have been wasted and in the process lessen the manufacturing expenses. With expansion in economy and rise in investment for setting up industries there will be demand of various auxiliary equipment for various operations in such industries. Few of the industries where thermocompressor are extensively used are such as in paper production industry where high pressure steam is reused for paper manufacturing. In petro-chemical processing industry equipment installed such as dryers, stills, strippers and deodorizers usually discharge water vapor at relatively low pressures. In order to reuse such vapor for other operations thermocompressor compresses this vapor to a reusable higher pressure, in desalination plant, for seawater treatment thermocompressor is used to generate steam at high pressure, in food concentrates industry such as fruit and vegetable juices, tomato paste, etc., are processed in evaporators and dryers. Vapors generated in such evaporators and dryers are recompressed with help of thermocompressor and made to return to the process at a higher temperature. In pharmaceutical industry, heat plays a critical role. The various capsules and other medications requires evaporation or drying at relatively low temperatures, thermocompressors plays a pivotal role in managing such operations.

Economic depression, decline in industrial growth, political turmoil and other legal issues which can directly impact the investor's interest as well as new industry establishment can act as restraint for the thermocompressors market.

Thermocompressors Market: Segmentation

The Thermocompressors market is segmented as follows:

Thermocompressors Market, by end user

Paper Industry
Thermocompressors Market, by nozzle type

Single Nozzle
Multi Nozzle
Thermocompressors Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, the Thermocompressors market is segmented into seven regions, namely North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). APEJ is the market leader in terms of value in the thermocompressor market, this is due to countries in APEJ such as China, India, Thailand, Malaysia are investing heavily on various industries for people's demands and needs. Industries such as cement, food concentrated, petrochemical, and paper & pulp are increasing in APEJ countries. Such industries will bring in more demand for thermocompressors as thermocompressor is an integral part of such industries which helps in reusability of steam . Next to APEJ, North America is leading in thermocompressor market. Petrochemical industries, pharmaceutical industries are few of the avenues which are quiet prominent in North America which is triggering the market of thermocompressor to expand. Western Europe and Eastern Europe also do provide ample market for thermocompressors. Japan has also a healthy market for thermocompressors. In MEA & Latin America various food industries present there are fuelling the demand of thermocompressor.

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Thermocompressors: Key Players

The key players in the Thermocompressor market are

Forbes Marshall
Kadant Inc.
GEA Group
Mazda Limited

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