The Tmall Double Eleven Shopping Festival Rush Spreads to Times Square in New York City

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NEW YORK, Nov. 11, 2017 — Tmall Double Eleven, the world largest shopping festival, has already begun. Double Eleven festival has permeated into the entire online retail business around the world. During the festival, a French cosmetic brand, Caudalie, teamed up with their China E-Commerce partner Shopal, to promote their Tmall flagship store. Caudalie has crafted a large advertisement specifically for Times Square's NASDAQ LED screen. This shows not only the global reach of Caudalie, but also it's commitment to China market. Times Square is the landmark of New York City, and also called “The Crossroads of the World.”

The Tmall Double Eleven Shopping Festival Rush Spreads to Time Square in New York City

Caudalie, along with their E-Commerce strategic partner Shopal, has successfully over achieved their expectation in business development within 8 months. The sales volume in 2017 of Tmall Double Eleven is over eight times higher than last year.  

Shopal is the only BOP (Brand Operation Partner) company that can manage the entire e-commerce ecosystem for US and European brands operating in China. Unlike other agencies/TP (Tao Partner) companies, Shopal can rapidly scale up premium and luxury brands with very limited resources. Moreover, Shopal adopts a creative methodology to drive higher conversion rates, and maintains a healthy brand image without massive discounting, which is notoriously prominent in the skincare industry.

Most global brands operating in China face major challenges. The China market can be littered with parallel import products and fake goods. This could result in major price discrepancies and irreparable damage to the brand image. Shopal has full capability to control the price and regulate the parallel goods on all major E-commerce platforms. 

For example, Shopal's MPN (Multiple Platforms Network) operation model leverages the major E-commerce platforms including Alibaba, JD,, etc., to cooperate with brands such as Aveeno. The collaboration has resulted in China specific solutions such as anti-counterfeit labels from Johnson & Johnson on all products to allow consumers to distinguish fake and parallel goods.

Within a short period of time, Shopal has built up the reputation in the industry as a game changer, propelling its US and European partners to new heights in the China market. Shopal believes the new retail model will be one without barriers between the online and offline world. In this new field, Shopal will be in a unique position as a pioneer of the new retail world in the future.

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