The Rice Family Foundation Completes 2017 Grant Fund Distributions Benefiting Twenty-Three Local Area Nonprofits

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HANOVER, Pa.–()–The Rice Family Foundation, founded in early 2017 by Mike and Jane Rice of Utz® Quality Foods, LLC, has announced a total of $150,000 in grant funds to benefit twenty-three local nonprofit organizations in the greater Hanover, Pennsylvania and surrounding communities.

In early 2017, The Rice Family Foundation invited local nonprofit organizations to apply for financial grant funds by July 31st. After careful review of the applications, The Rice Family Foundation selected recipients with the goal of helping to fund exceptional organizations and their various initiatives which benefit so many people.

The recipients of these grant funds have varying missions, from the HART Center, a physical rehabilitation and training center located in New Oxford, Pennsylvania, to the Thaddeus Stevens Foundation, supporting the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in its mission of trade and technical training.

One organization, Roots for Boots, is a grant recipient, whose works support the needs of military heroes and their families, predominantly in rural areas, by locating key services. Said Christy Lucas, CEO, Roots for Boots: “There are no words to express the gratitude Roots for Boots has for the generosity of The Rice Family Foundation. We pride ourselves on putting the community in the lead as we accept no government funding and are functioning predominantly on donations from local citizens, businesses and grants. This is not only a great gift to us, it is an even greater gift to those we serve.”

Olivia’s House of Hanover, an organization of care giving professionals and volunteers supports grieving children and families, was excited to also be a grant fund recipient. Said Leslie Delp, Founder, Olivia’s House: “The staff and board of directors at Olivia’s House are blessed with a $20,000 gift from The Rice Family Foundation. It will enable our mission to grow, as we begin renovations on the three-car garage at our Hanover location. We purchased the property in 2013, when it was a vacant available space. We have now begun construction on the workshop that will accommodate large group education and rituals. All of this is possible because of the generosity of The Rice Family Foundation.”

Another organization, Guiding Hearts with Hope, promotes health and wellness for those in recovery from substance abuse in the Hanover, Pennsylvania area, received a grant as well, supporting their Alliance YAPSA program. The Alliance YAPSA program works to ensure the proper management of pharmaceuticals and to help protect the environment.

These twenty-three local, nonprofit organizations, are just some of the many working to support the greater Hanover and surrounding communities. Said Jane Rice, Co-Founder, The Rice Family Foundation: “We received dozens of applications and are so thrilled to be able to provide grants to these incredible nonprofits who do so much for so many people in our community. The mission of the recipients fall in-line with the mission of The Rice Family Foundation of focusing on the education, health and well-being of people in the greater Hanover, Pennsylvania area.”

For more information about The Foundation, please visit The Rice Family Foundation website at, or contact: [email protected].

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Brad Bennett

Brad Bennett

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