The Residence Mezhyhirya of the Former President of Ukraine Returned to State Ownership. Guide me UA Launches Private Tours There.

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Being the best tour operator in Kiev, Guide me UA announces the launch of the new tourist destination in Kiev, Ukraine. Mezhyhirya Tours will be conducted in English and is aimed at foreign guests of the capital.

Kiev, Ukraine, December 15, 2017 — The new world-class attraction called Mezhyhirya has appeared in Ukraine recently.
In 2014, the former president of Ukraine fled the country during the terrible revolution on the Maidan, leaving his luxurious mansion in Mezhyhirya. For 3 years this territory was under arrest. However, on November 30, 2017, the property was transferred to state ownership. The plan is to turn it into a beautiful national park. Now people call it the Museum of Corruption.

Mezhyhirya is a well-maintained parkland with decorative lakes and fountains, fresh air, and laced bridges. The area of ​​the territory Yanukovych enjoyed is shocking – 140 hectares! There are parks, gardens, artificial lakes and ponds, the club house Honka, a guest house and estate with stubs, where the former president welcomed journalists, alleys on the banks of the Dnieper, two berths with a yacht club, a huge golf course, tennis courts and other sports facilities, shooting range, helipad, “ancient temples,” spa, garages, fire department and mobile communication tower, vegetable gardens, greenhouses, hunting grounds, dog center, pheasantarium, zoo, etc.

“Foreign tourists who have already visited the park and the Honka house from the inside were shocked by the level of corruption, because Yanukovych spent 2 billion dollars on everything,” said Kate Dobromishev, CEO of Guide me UA tour agency in Kiev.

Such a tourist destination as Mezhyhirya should be popularized in every possible way, developing its hospitality infrastructure and transport connection with Kiev. With the right approach the most closed and mysterious high security facility in the past, Mezhyhirya can become a real Mecca for tourists for many years and even bring revenue to the state.


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