The Most Popular Cheap PR Distribution Services Listed and Reviewed by Press Release Jet Team

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LAS VEGAS, NV – 12-21-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Doing an online search is a popular method employed by business owners and corporate bodies when they want to find a service that will suit them. Unfortunately, many of the results that come from the search may be living in past glories as they are no longer as effective as the result of the search suggests. For this reason Press Release Jet has thought it wise to list some of the results you are likely going to get from your search and analyze them one by one so that you can see for yourself if they are worth your attention.

Let’s start with Press Release Jet. There are chances that this is the first thing you will see when you search online for a Press Release Distribution company. The reason is that they syndicate each press release to over 250 top quality media sites. Moreover, they already have many testimonials commending their level of professionalism. doesn’t look anything like Press Release Jet. Theirs is more expensive as they offer their clients $6 per release on a media site that one isn’t even sure of. They hide the sites where they post their releases from the public.

Cision PRWeb is well known for its $99 PR distribution service plan. The money isn’t really affordable and on top of that, the release only gets promotion on about 20 media sites. This is not good enough for anyone who wants to raise SEO fast.

PR Buzz has been accused of not syndicating their press releases to any site at all except theirs. Unfortunately, they charge $299 for this in what they call an unlimited package.

Marketwired will charge you $460 for a 400-word press release. In fact, they charge other fees which may not auger well with the small business man who wants to start seeing profits as soon as possible. Some of the fees include $99 for one audio or video link, $50 for a photo and $150 for every extra 100 words in your story. Even though their charges are high, they don’t send to as many media sites as Press Release Jet does. Theirs is only about 200 media sites.

Now it is clear that Press Release Jet stands shoulder’s high among the rest. They are the ones to increase your website’s performance in a short while. To benefit from all these, simply create an order today get started.

Disclosure: These results were derived from conducting search results of press release headlines from these PR distribution services, and analyzing the results indexed by Google.

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