The CAMCrypto30 Index Reaches New High

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SAN DIEGO, Nov. 15, 2017 — Crypto Asset Management, the first professional index in the crypto currency space, reached a valuation milestone this month. The CAMCrypto30® index – an open, published, rules-based index of the top 30 crypto currencies by market capitalization – passed 1,000 on November 14, 2017. Its initial value on January 1, 2017 was 100.

CAMCrypto30® is the first professional crypto currency index and is designed to immediately adapt as the market evolves. The Index's performance is indicative of broad shifts in investor behavior. Crypto Asset Management Managing Director Tim Enneking explains:

“Crypto currencies represent a paradigm shift not just because of what they are, but because of the scale, scope of application and speed of adoption.”

CAMCrypto30® follows the industry-standard rules of the Russell FTSE indices as adjusted for the crypto currency space. Monthly re-weighting ensure that the CAMCrypto30® accurately represents the underlying crypto currencies. The Index is updated automatically, in near-real time (every five minutes) at

About Crypto Asset Management
Crypto Asset Management (CAM) is an asset and fund management company incorporated in Delaware, USA. Its primary activities include acting as the management company for Crypto Asset Fund (CAF), its “feeder” fund, Crypto Asset Fund (Cayman), Ltd., and managed portfolios.

Tim Enneking, Managing Director
Crypto Asset Management
Phone: +1-561-506-6656
[email protected]

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