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LAS VEGAS, NV – 12-20-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Everyone wants the best, or rather still, the best among the best. While some press release distribution companies have been announced to be the best for the year 2018, one still has to look out for the best from the list of the announced ones.

We shall have a look at some of those key press release companies, dissect their activities and know which one among them represents the best among the best. So let’s get started.

Press Release Jet occupies the number one position on this list. Press Release Jet promotes their clients’ news to more than 250 media sites. In fact, depending on the plan you choose, your news could even be exposed by more than 350 media sites.

Newswire occupies the second position. It also links to quality media sites but not as many as what Press Release Jet is known for. Moreover, their plans start from $99 unlike Press Release Jet’s which starts from $49.

24-7 Press Release may occupy the third position as it competes with Press Release Jet to offer a low price. However, Press Release Jet is still a better option because of their 250+ media sites with $49 as compared to 50+ media sites offered by 24-7 Press Release Distribution Company. is occupying the bottom position mainly because of the low quality sites which we discovered they send their press releases to. At first, their services look attractive with their $30 charge. Unfortunately, this is effectively $6 per low quality media site as each of their press releases is promoted on about 5 media sites that are not well known.

Cision PRWeb has a basic plan of $99. Their press releases go to about 20 media sites, making it to have an effective cost of $4.9 per media cost.

PR Buzz says you are going to get an unlimited package for $299. This appears fair at a glance but our study reveals that this service is not really worth it. Many clients who used the service confessed that they don’t send to any quality media site.

In conclusion, it is better to go for Press Release Jet than any other Press Release Distribution Company. You can see the pricing list on the site after which you may decide to make an order. In case you have no news to publish, Press Release Jet can help you out with a Press Release Copywriter.

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