Terrada Music Score Launches GVIDO Digital Music Score Device and Music Score Service in the U.S. and Canada

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TOKYO–()–Terrada Music Score, a technology startup based in Tokyo has launched its GVIDO Electronic Paper Dual Screen Digital Music Score device, a dual 13.3 inch screen tablet with a low reflection display and an inventive stylus, all in a lightweight 660 gram (23.3 oz.) format.

“After creating a prototype of the GVIDO back in 2016 and sharing it with a select group of music professionals, the response we received was both overwhelming and informative,” said Fujio Noguchi, President, Terrada Music Score Corporation. “We know we were on to something and took their feedback to make a device that is what so many musicians have been looking for. “

In addition to the launch of GVIDO, Terrada Music Score has launched its music score service which allows GVIDO owners to buy music scores from the world's largest publisher of educational music materials and songbooks, Hal Leonard.

“The GVIDO is an impressive and innovative dedicated music score device and we are very excited about the possibilities for musicians to experience this new technology,” said Larry Morton, President of Hal Leonard. “We look forward to making selections of our best-selling music score files available for purchase via the GVIDO Service website.”

The GVIDO was designed from scratch as a dedicated electronic paper dual screen music score device for musicians of any level. It can store thousands of music scores and is only 0.25 inches thick when folded. GVIDO uses PDF files as its source medium which makes it instantly compatible with the most widely available music score format. The stylus can be used to write comments and music annotations on the music score which can be shared through a cloud based service with other GVIDO device users, making it an ideal choice for conductors and music librarians.

Terrada Music Score will be participating in the 2017 Midwest Clinic (booth #1901), and the 2018 NAMM Show (booth #8735), providing GVIDO product demonstrations and interactive experiences.


GVIDO Product Specifications


Display   13.3 inch flexible electronic paper display
Touch Pen Compatible with electromagnetic induction-type touch pen input
Touch switch Infrared touch switch
Internal memory 8GB
Interface microSD, Micro USB connector
Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n (2.4GHz/5GHz)
Bluetooth Enabled
Battery Built-in lithium-ion battery
Dimensions (Opened) (W x H x T) 19 X 12.2 X 0.25 (inches)
Weight about 660g (23.3 oz.)
Accessories (Optional)  

GVIDO foot switch
Genuine leather case


Pricing for the GVIDO is $1600. The optional GVIDO Foot Switch is $300 and the GVIDO Genuine Leather Case is $300.

Please update the software to latest version 1.1.0.

The GVIDO is now sold directly through https://us.gvidoscore.com and https://ca.gvidoscore.com. The GVIDO Music Score Service can be accessed at https://us.gvidoscore.com/score and https://ca.gvidoscore.com/score.

GVIDO was named as a mark of respect to Guido d’Arezzo, who devised the foundations of musical notation in the early 11th century.

About Terrada Music Score

Terrada Music Score Corporation is a technology startup established in 2015 and based in Tokyo, Japan. Terrada Music Score is dedicated to providing musicians with the latest innovations in the digital music score market.


Founded in 1947, Hal Leonard is the world’s largest publisher of music educational materials and songbooks, producing educational publications, songbooks, sheet music, reference books, DVDs, magazines, eBooks, digital sheet music, apps and more. In its more than 220,000 available publications and products, Hal Leonard represents many of the world’s best known and most respected publishers, artists, songwriters, arrangers and manufacturers. The company is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI.

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