TalkPool and Senseair initiate collaboration within IoT for safer indoor environments.

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We spend 92% of our time indoors.
We train, work, shop and enjoy ourselves mainly in biotopes created by ourselves. Health, productivity and quality of life are affected by the air in our environments. Energy saving and new materials have solved problems but created new ones. Are we watching the air we breathe? Poor circulation can mean that the air from every 5th breath you breathe comes from your neighbor.

TalkPool, prominent within IoT and communications solutions, and Senseair, world-leading developer and gas sensor manufacturers, have initiated a collaboration that will lead to safer indoor environments.
“We see that companies working today with security or quality services around indoor environments benefit from connected sensors, TalkPool connects things, sensors are one of them.” Says Stefan Lindgren CTO on TalkPool.
“The collaboration goes perfectly with our purpose,” make sense of air “, we are not pleased to just produce the best sensors, measurements will contribute to insight and action in our environment,” says Peter Lageson, CEO of Senseair.
As more and more people begin to understand how air quality affects our productivity and health, the data requirements are increasing. If students in a school can not concentrate, it may be due to high carbon content, if this press release feels irrelevant, maybe it's time to open the window.

For more information contact

Stefan Lindgren, CTO TalkPool
Tel: +46 760 075 066
[email protected]

Erik Strömstedt, CEO TalkPool
Tel: +41 81 250 2020
[email protected]

Peter Lageson, CEO Senseair
Tel: +46 70 375 51 05
[email protected]

About TalkPool
TalkPool is a leading company within IoT, where we deliver solutions, products and networks. Through our global delivery organization, cutting edge technical expertise in LoRa, long experience and flexible business model, TalkPool offers global companies and telecom operators high-quality services at short notice, regardless of location. TalkPool is one of the few companies with actual solutions and agreements in place in the exciting market for the Internet of Things. Read more at

About SenseAir
Senseair is a leading global developer and manufacturer of gas and air sensors. Our aim is to do what we measure comprehensively by providing the best technical solutions, service offers and knowledge. Our technology is called Non-dispersive-infrared technology (NDIR). In Sweden, we develop new technologies and produce large volumes of the smallest and most efficient sensors within NDIR. Read more at


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