Synthetic Lawns Break Down Cost and Labor Barriers Versus Traditional Lawns

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LONDON, UK – 11-17-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

Abstract: Don’t mow or trim your lawn yet again this year, instead get a synthetic lawn and forget the costly yard work for good.

Maintaining a lawn requires a large investment of time and money. Homeowners often find themselves doing more yard maintenance than enjoying their yard. Many homeowners are finding the changing of the weather patterns are adversely affecting their lawns as well. What was once lush, and green is quickly becoming dry, withered, and brown if it grows at all. As Good As Grass not only eliminates the yard work aspect of owning a home, they also eliminate that ugly brown dingy look that climate change can cause.

A traditional lawn requires time, money, experience in lawn care, and other skills to keep a pleasing appearance. The costs of owning a traditional lawn grow exponentially when employing professionals to handle this task on a regular basis. Synthetic lawns maintain their color and visual appeal throughout the year, rain or shine (or lack of either). As Good As Grass lawns are maintenance free, other than removing any debris such as leaves, leaving you time to enjoy your lawn. No mowing, no trimming, no more discolored patches, and no more throwing money at the grass in your yard when you have an As Good As Grass synthetic lawn placed.

As Good As Grass removes maintenance and other tedious tasks of lawn ownership by offering artificial solutions that are nearly indistinguishable from traditional lawns.

All As Good As Grass products are child and pet friendly, suitable for private residences or recreational areas such as parks. Artificial grass can also be used in areas where natural grass would cause damage such as on roofs and balconies or near water features.

Rather than mowing another lawn, or dirt patch, contact As Good As Grass about replacing that dying grass with a timeless artificial feature that will stay green regardless of the weather.

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Brad Bennett

Brad Bennett

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