Solve Insider Data Breach Risks With Meridian Technologies’ Acceletest

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Nov. 14, 2017 — Enterprises work hard to protect their customers' data; however, data breaches – like those at Equifax, Target and Home Depot – still happen regularly and leave both customers and the company at risk.

While many associate a data breach with a cyber attack, it's insider data breaches that pose the greatest risk. Meridian recognized the vulnerability of sensitive data exposed in unprotected test and development environments and developed a new audit application to combat it: Acceletest.

Most enterprises use identifying and sensitive data for development, testing and training, and they often fail to implement safeguards to protect data in non-production environments. This is where enterprises can use Meridian's new solution to find and remediate potential data exposure. Acceletest can audit for sensitive data in test environments and, going forward, can protect that data from internal breaches when testing new products and patches and training new employees.

“We find that most organizations are not fully aware of the exposure of their sensitive customer data in these test and development environments,” said Meridian Technologies CEO Chris Pillay. “In fact, whatever amount of data is in their production systems, four to 10 times that amount is in the development and test systems because of the need to support multiple development projects. Staff, vendors and offshore resources have the access, skills and tools necessary to steal consumers' data without detection in these environments.”

The need for a software solution is dire; chief information officers and chief security officers at companies everywhere constantly seek to proactively safeguard consumers' information as well as protect their enterprises from loss due to data breaches, but they typically overlook their test and development environments.

“Prior to Acceletest, copies of sensitive data within test environments were incredibly difficult to detect. That left a lot of companies and consumers vulnerable,” Pillay said.

According to the Ponemon Institute, data breaches in 2016 cost $7 million on average to fix, so it's important for enterprises to evaluate their data security before the worst-case scenario hits.

Acceletest addresses de-identifying sensitive data and efficiently delivers the masked data to the development and test teams that need it. The service is available for purchase with Meridian's team managing all test data and as a stand-alone product by license.

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