SmarterServices Releases SmarterProctoring 2.0 Featuring SmarterID-Student Authentication System, SecureStream, and Automated Proctoring with Live Look-In

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With the release of SmarterProctoring 2.0 we continue to be innovators in the proctoring space. Our new release features a state of the art student authentication system, SecureStream technology, and Live Look-In. We have delivered on our commitment to create a product the market has never seen.


SmarterServices LLC, full-spectrum assessment services company announces the release of the updated SmarterProctoring 2.0 complete proctoring system. The newly designed system includes state of the art student authentication system-SmarterID, Automated Proctoring, Record & Review, SecureStream virtual proctoring technology, and Live Look-In to review sessions in real-time.

SmarterProctoring continues to be the only proctoring system on the market that facilitates proctoring through multiple modalities. Provider, SmarterServices LLC, continues to lead the market in cutting edge proctoring technology. SmarterID, a new feature that comes standard with the system, is a student authentication solution using facial recognition to validate a student's identity against his/her validated Government Issued ID. The addition of a custom automated proctoring solution boasts a rich feature set and unparalleled monitoring capabilities. One key feature of the new automated proctoring software is the SecureStream technology which continues to monitor the student even when they lose Internet connectivity during a proctoring session.
Dr. Mac Adkins, CEO and Founder of SmarterServices™ explains, “Three years ago when SmarterProctoring was launched we positioned ourselves as innovators in the proctoring market with the concept of multi-modal proctoring management. We do not limit schools and their students to one option as most other proctoring providers do. Rather, our solution allows schools to customize their offerings to students meeting their own unique needs. With the release of SmarterProctoring 2.0 we continue to be innovators in the proctoring space.”
“We are thrilled to be releasing a much more robust system that has been built from the ground up for maximum scale. Feedback from our existing customers and the market at-large was instrumental in shaping the hundreds of new and improved features like enhanced privacy and revamping the user experience in this release. We have delivered on our commitment to create a product the market has never seen. Stay tuned as it continues to evolve through many additional features already on the product roadmap,” explains Jason Fill, CTO.
To learn more about SmarterProctoring™, SmarterServices™ invites you to register for its complementary webinar on December 12th, 2:00 CST/3:00 pm EST, entitled “Welcome to the Future-Proctoring Redefined.” To meet the team and see a live demo of the new release, visit the SmarterServices™ booth, #238, at the OLC Accelerate Conference at the Walt Disney Swan & Dolphin Resort in Orlando, November 14-17.

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About SmarterServices, LLC
SmarterServices™ is a full-spectrum assessment services company that solves unmet market challenges facing learners, instructors, institutions, and organizations by developing unique educational technology solutions to improve a learner’s success. We provide SmarterAssessments to design and deploy custom assessments with intuitive report builder that includes multi-media options. SmarterMeasure a suite of readiness assessments including the Learning Readiness Indicator (LRI), Teaching with Technology Readiness Indicator (TTRI), Competency Based Education Readiness Indicator (CBERI), and Math & Writing Readiness Indicators (MRI, WRI). SmarterProctoring the only complete proctoring system on the market that accommodates proctoring in multiple modalities including automated, live online, and record and review. It also features state of the art student authentication system-SmarterID, SecureStream, SecureStream, and Live Look-In.

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