Slybroadcast Launches Business App for Sending Ringless Voicemails

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BOSTON, Dec. 15, 2017 — Slybroadcast, the service that enables businesses and professionals to send direct to voicemail messages to multiple contacts at once, today announced the launch of its new app for iOS and Android mobile devices. The new apps extend slybroadcast's mission to help businesses communicate with their customers, colleagues, and contact lists efficiently and at scale, while maintaining valued personal connections.

With the slybroadcast app, businesses can create campaigns and choose to immediately send or schedule future voicemail deliveries to contact lists. The app can also be used to pause or cancel campaigns, and check the status of existing campaigns. A built-in record feature can be used to create new audio recordings.

“Slybroadcast is a productivity tool for businesses that care about maintaining a respectful and personal connection with their contacts. When a small company's bandwidth is low, having the ability to send out voicemails is appreciated and valuable to both parties,” said slybroadcast founder and CEO Toufic Mobarak. “Our customers are primarily small businesses, sole proprietors and nonprofits; we've designed our service and our new apps to support their efforts and increase their productivity while remaining respectful of their customers .”

To send ringless voicemails, slybroadcast and its new apps use patented technology developed by parent company MobileSphere, which also operates the very popular consumer-focused app and straight to voicemail service slydial.

The slybroadcast service is used by over 20,000 businesses and supports voicemail deliveries to mobile phones and landlines in the United States and in Canada.

To get the app, visit the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. The apps are free to download but require a slybroadcast account for use. To learn more about slybroadcast, visit

About slybroadcast
Slybroadcast is the productivity tool that businesses and professionals use to send straight to voicemail audio messages to multiple phone numbers at once. Slybroadcast is used primarily by sales, marketing, customer service, nonprofit and executive leaders. The service is owned by MobileSphere, based in Boston, MA.

About MobileSphere
MobileSphere is a leading provider of messaging services solutions and the inventor and patent holder for the technology that sends audio messages directly to voicemail on mobile and landline phones. MobileSphere was founded in 2003 and its suite of products includes slydial, slybroadcast, Joopz, and CellularLD.

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