SelfHelpWorks Recognizes Connection Between Safety and Wellness

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SAN DIEGO, Dec. 21, 2017 — Workplace safety and wellness initiatives are often handled by two completely different departments, but SelfHelpWorks is connecting the dots for many employers today.

Why Are They Related?

At first glance, wellness and safety might not seem to correlate within the workplace. However, according to extensive research, there are many overlaps between the two fields.

“Wellness issues like workplace stress or inadequate sleep can have a real impact on concentration and the ability to work safely,” said Bryan Noar, SelfHelpWorks' Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. “Our online programs give employees the training and tools they need to manage their health, so they can remain safe and productive while on the job.”

Video Based Online Interventions

SelfHelpWorks offers a number of intervention options to build a connection between the two fields. LivingLean, for example, is a weight management course that allows employees to discover and overcome the many ways the mind can trick them into unhealthy eating. A course like this one can not only lead to a powerful, permanent leaner lifestyle, but also reduced back injuries in the office. Other courses could have a similar effect on workplace safety. LivingEasy includes techniques to tackle persistent and unrelenting stress, which may help to decrease fatigue and, thus, errors on the job.

“Our courses train employees to eliminate the psychological blocks that make certain unhealthy behavior patterns so hard to break. Because they're accessible at any time and place, the courses aren't just 'one more thing' employees have to do, but rather a way to create real change. And that can lead to better health as well as better safety ratings in the workplace,” said Noar.

Today's wellness culture isn't just about a healthier workplace, it's about a safer one too, and SelfHelpWorks is making that possible for hundreds of companies.

Since 1999, SelfHelpWorks has provided online video-based lifestyle and disease management programs for health plans, employers, and providers to reduce health risk within organizations. SelfHelpWorks targets the psychological drivers of unhealthy behaviors so individuals can make and maintain healthy lifestyle changes. The company offers programs on obesity and unhealthy eating, tobacco addiction, diabetic lifestyle adaptation, chronic stress, insomnia, alcohol overuse and physical inactivity. For more information about SelfHelpWorks, Inc. please visit

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