SATCOM Amplifier System Market Size Projected to Rise Lucratively During 2017-2025

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New York, NY — 11/13/2017 — SATCOM Amplifier System market is growing progressively due to the increasing applications of satellite such as broadcasting, traffic information and in aircraft industry. SATCOM Amplifier System stands for Satellite Communication Amplifier system. The satellite systems provide communication help through its various bandwidths such as C, X, Ku and Tri-bands.

With the development of technologies, SATCOM amplifier systems can be of high power and low power and can includes various features such as low noise, space saving and others. The market for SATCOM Amplifier System is growing at a faster pace due to its lightweight packing and compact nature due to which these SATCOM Amplifier Systems can work properly for a longer time. Moreover, the amplifier is low-power, and intended for driver amplifier or first-stage amplifier after frequency up-conversion in block-up conversion unit. Two-stage amplifier has 18dB gain and 0.9dB maximum ripple in 13.75–14.5 GHz band which is designated as the transmit band of Ku band SATCOM systems. Ku band amplifier specially designs for SATCOM systems. However, in Military high power SATCOM amplifier system is needed.

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SATCOM Amplifier system Market: Drivers and Challenges

The major factor driving the adoption of SATCOM Amplifier system is the increasing usage of satellite systems in various sectors such as military, entertainment, security and other. This has increased the development of different kind of SATCOM Amplifier System which can support all kind of satellite systems. Moreover, the comparable low pricing with many features increases the demand and usage of SATCOM Amplifier Systems.

The key challenge for SATCOM Amplifier system are constrained by the less implementation of these SATCOM Amplifier systems due to redundant nature of these SATCOM Amplifier Systems. Moreover, the STACOM Amplifier systems work depends on its operating frequency, noise, DC power and others which cannot be customized.

SATCOM Amplifier system Market: Segmentation

SATCOM Amplifier system can be depend on various bands or frequencies such as S-Band, C-Band, Ku-Band, Ka-Band and others.

SATCOM Amplifier system can also be segmented on the basis of its applications such as military, entertainment, security and others.

Competition Dashboard

Recent Development

In November 2016, ETL Systems a manufacturer of leading RF distribution equipment for satellite communications has launches high performance power amplifiers for jamming systems. The design of the amplifiers is based on advanced Gallium Nitride (GaN) high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) technology for high efficiency, good thermal conductivity, high breakdown voltages and low energy consumption. Benefitting from high efficiency and gain with 20, 35, 40, 60, or 100W saturated power options, each amplifier module is integrated into a compact housing, designed for easy integration, to a broad range of transmit antennas, filters and multiplexers.

Key Players

In SATCOM Amplifier system market there are many manufacturers some of them are CPI, ND SATCOM, COmtech Xion technology, Atlantis Microwave Limited, Stellar SATCOM, Tangowave, Advantech Wireless Limited and others.

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Regional Overview

Presently, North America and Europe is holding the largest market share for SATCOM Amplifier system market due to presence of large manufacturers and market players in these region. Moreover the rising usage of new technology for tracking is increasing the market opportunity in these region for traffic control. Asia –Pacific is also increasingly adopting SATCOM Amplifier system technologies with the entry of major & established players for various usage in traffic control, military and others.

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