SANESolution Aims to Help Make Weight Loss Lasting With Setpoint Weight

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NEW YORK, Nov. 13, 2017 — SANESolution is revolutionizing the way people approach weight loss. Their scientifically backed, doctor supported system, known as Setpoint Weight™, reframes the common understanding of metabolism and weight loss into a methodology that achieves sustainable weight loss. 

For decades people have struggled to lose excess weight, hoping to return their bodies to their youthful state prior to the tolls of work, children, medications, menopause, and life in general. This meant fad exercises and yo-yo dieting with little to no success. With all these efforts, why does the body seem incapable of lasting change? How do people overcome this “invisible force” fighting them?

That's where SANESolution and Jonathan Bailor come in. Their work establishing the science of Setpoint Weight™ has provided clear answers for individuals seeking to achieve sustainable weight loss. 

An individual's Setpoint Weight™ is a range of approximately 20 pounds in which the body is trained to believe is its 'natural weight'. The body attempts to maintain what it thinks is a balanced state of calories in, calories out, and body fat stored, regardless of whether it is idea for health.

Due to a number of factors, as people age, the body becomes “clogged.” This causes the digestive, neurological, and hormonal systems to all function sub-optimally, but the body adapts and begins to think these are the new normal. The body establishes a new higher Setpoint Weight™. If that Setpoint weight is elevated and an individual wants to lose weight, it is first necessary to 'unclog' the systems and lower the Setpoint Weight. Once an individual's Setpoint Weight has been lowered, sustainable weight loss becomes achievable.

Jonathan Bailor and SANESolution state that after identifying one's Setpoint Weight™, SANESolution then lowers it – making the body function more like the body of a young and naturally thin person – resulting in sustainable weight loss. Everything can be boiled down to one choice: 'Does this increase, or decrease my Setpoint?'

According to SANESolution, diet and nutrition are not the only factors which can influence an individual's Setpoint Weight. Almost everything has a Setpoint value, from sleep, exercise, and sex, to stress and medication. Knowing their influence and choosing accordingly turns people into their naturally thin, healthy selves. SANESolution makes it simple.

Diets and exercise all fight against the Setpoint Weight™. In the long run, the body always wins, and yo-yo dieting is the result. Instead of fighting an uphill battle it is possible to flatten the hill. By utilizing SANESolution and understanding Setpoint Weight™, individuals are learning to lower their Setpoint and change their bodies to have a chance at experiencing sustainable weight loss.


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Brad Bennett

Brad Bennett

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