Ryan McAweeny of San Diego Announces Talk On What Needs to Be Done to Streamline the Advertising Industry

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Ryan McAweeny from San Diego: On What Needs to Be Done to Streamline the Advertising Industry

SAN DIEGO, CA – 12-25-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Ryan McAweeny from San Diego is a marketing executive who has a reputation for starting successful marketing ventures. He is considered to be one of the top marketing executives in California and indeed the whole country. He has been very vocal in pointing out what he believes ails the digital advertising industry. His reputation as a successful entrepreneur has given him the authority to speak out on various issues that he strongly feels needs to be addressed to uphold the reputation of the advertising industry and to ensure that companies are more successful in their campaigns.

McAweeny started his forays into direct marketing in radio and print advertising 15 years ago. He later founded the Vertical Direct Marketing Group which provides data-driven solutions to companies seeking to maximize the impact of their marketing efforts. He has worked with reputable brands such as Toyota, NFL, amongst others. He helps both small and big businesses to find the perfect solution for their target market.

One of the issues he has pointed out is the lack of adequate budget to run advertising campaigns that can have a significant impact that will push great products into the market. He points out that many companies with great products fail due to the myth ‘build it and they will come’. “This means that there are plenty of business owners out there who don’t want to sink money into an advertisement campaign simply because they view it as an unnecessary cost” he adds. He says that this is a simplistic approach that could drive a company into bankruptcy despite having a great offer for their consumers.

Another issue that McAweeny feels needs to be addressed is the use of unethical marketing practices. While these practices have existed since the advent of advertising, in recent times they have been amplified by the proliferation of technology and the growing popularity of social media platforms. 

He says that this is partly to blame for the growing perceptions that marketing firms do not offer real value to consumers. “While unethical tactics are often employed by nefarious agencies, the majority of marketing companies are providing a true service of value that better connects consumers with producers.”

Currently, McAweeny is now looking to help clients make the most of affiliate marketing which he believes has great potential which has largely remained untapped. Using a data-driven approach and time-tested strategies marketers can unlock its full potential. 

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