Release 2 Innovation (R2i) announces Musubu®, the premiere Threat Intelligence Service for protecting your enterprise in the Age of the Internet of Things (IOT).

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Musubu® monitors every aspect of your network with a precision blend of network intelligence tools and threat analytics, providing previously unimaginable insight into networks of origin, ransomware cyber-criminals, Dark Web cyber-criminals, and other malicious cyber-threats.

NEW YORK, NEW YOUR – 02-21-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Musubu® represents the culmination of Release2Innovation’s numerous threat-monitoring and long-term data analyses, wrapped into a simple, web-based API.  Not to be confused with a point base solution like many offerings, our threat scores represent a combination of factors, including an established presence in known classes of threats, relationships to other known bad actors, and countries of origin known to harbor cyberterrorists, criminals, and state-sponsored hackers.  The RESTful API provides simple integration with your existing tools and supports varying levels of details, based on the depth of analysis required.

Musubu® is a network focused, threat intelligence service, dedicated to three objectives:

1.) Not being “point based”, which only consider an address, but rather evaluating the neighborhood or network

2.) Providing broader internet context (fourteen layers: Cloud Hosting, CDN, and Cryptocurrency)

3.) Reducing false positives by 35 to 50%

Release 2 Innovation (R2i) developed Musubu to link information elements of our other core products – Known Networks, Phish Fry, and Shadow Warrior – to provide a comprehensive analysis of individual network addresses.R2i’s team leverages its extensive professional experience built over two decades in collaborating with clients, thereby maximizing their return on investment and impact across their enterprise.

The data sets that comprise Musubu® have been carefully developed, thoroughly tested, and continuously enhanced over more than four years:

– Four years of data: over 300 million security related events covering 19 different common attack vectors

– Two years of Ransomware coverage: 2 million security related events

– One year of data related to use of proxy and anonymizers.

Musubu® is never on standby: it is constantly collecting, harmonizing, cleansing and aggregating information from across the globe to continuously update network threat models in real time.  Musubu® uniquely provides coverage for a variety of the most menacing threats facing public and private organizations.

Musubu® also gives users the opportunity to screen all aspects of their systems with great accuracy. It provides advanced risk assessment against ransomware, Dark Web online criminals, and other virtual lawbreakers.

Musubu® empowers internet security professionals by rapidly adding context and characterizations to many unknown network addresses appearing in access logs, weblogs, security appliances and firewall logs, providing strong, relevant and timely situational awareness of their enterprise’s security posture.

Musubu® was designed to address both today’s and tomorrow’s daunting cyber challenges.  It provides unique, powerful threat characterization and situational awareness by combining your existing cyber data with relevant, timely, enriched data.  If you’re operating without the advantages of this powerful threat intelligence tool, contact us at [email protected]  Our experienced team will explain how Musubu® can give your organization the edge in protecting your organization, making sense of the Internet of Things (IOT) and discovering threats before it’s too late.

About Release 2 Innovation LLC

Founded in early 2014, Release 2 Innovation (R2i) is a proven provider of Service Intelligence-based products collected from across the globe, delivered in the form of databases and services.

Release 2 Innovation is a Veterans Administration Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), privately held and based in Lothian, Maryland. The company is constantly expanding, with a focus on creating a more secure internet for everyone.


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