Recovery Brands Finds Spike in People Searching for Addiction Treatment Following Major Holidays

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SAN DIEGO, Dec. 18, 2017 — New findings from Recovery Brands, a provider of digital addiction treatment resources, found consumers were more likely to search for treatment days following a major holiday, according to online analytics from the company's flagship site, The latest findings are part of the company's ongoing commitment to bring to light consumer insights gleaned from its portfolio of sites in order to increase meaningful connections between people searching for help and treatment providers who can offer care.

The company looked for trends and patterns among the search queries bringing in high website traffic and engagement with pages on its site. It found an increase in website traffic, national helpline call volume, and deliberate intent by consumers to find more information about treatment options on the days following a nationally-recognized holiday. This suggests when rehab consumers are more receptive to addiction treatment. 

“When we dug deeper into our website trends, we found between three and five of our site's top ten pages post-holiday were specific to finding a treatment facility or understanding the rehab process,” said Kelsey Galles, content marketing specialist at Recovery Brands. “Our site visitors were not just generally interested in understanding addiction — they were ready to find help and commit to treatment.”

It's widely recognized holiday stress poses significant risk for those struggling with substance use issues and can trigger dangerous alcohol and drug use behaviors. However, this data indicates that holiday stress might not be the tipping point for many individuals to decide to get help with addiction, according to the company's findings.

The data show that people search for help beyond the typical holiday season and on other major holidays such as Fourth of July and Labor Day. This suggests individuals might be more inclined to reach out for help during low points such as a hangover or comedown after they recognized the magnitude of their drinking or drug habits after a day of celebration.

“Instead of blindly promoting their materials, treatment providers can tailor their messaging to fit the needs of those searching for help,” said Galles. “After a holiday, they should share information that caters to individuals who are mid-funnel in their purchase journey — in other words, they should provide materials to help individuals narrow down their treatment options.”

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Recovery Brands, LLC owns and operates leading addiction treatment websites, which help millions of people struggling with addiction make informed decisions about their care. Its portfolio of authority websites, including and, provides online directories, rehab reviews, forums, and professional communities that have supported countless families in their path to pursuing recovery. Treatment providers leverage the company's marketing platform, ClientReach, to elevate their online brands through paid media packages across its network of sites. Recovery Brands is now operating as part of Sober Media Group, LLC, a digital media arm of American Addiction Centers.

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