Recent Research: Automotive Wiper Motor Market Analysis to 2027

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Valley Cottage, NY — 12/15/2017 — Automotive Wiper Motor Global Market: Introduction

Automotive wiper is a device used for removing snow, rains, debris, ice or any other unwanted material from the wind screen or windshield of the vehicle. Electric wiper driven by the motor moves forth and back across the windshield to remove the snow, water or debris. Almost all the automobile are installed by the wiper driven by the motors. The climatic condition of the country determine the usage of wiper system of the vehicle.

The excess use of the wiper system on regular basis is necessary in harsh environments may result in wear and tear of the equipment, hence the wiper motors have good replacement rate in the aftermarket where the average age of the automobile is the prominent factor in deciding the working conditions of the wiper motors. Wiper system is a combination of wiper motor, fluid reservoir, houses and jets, combinational switches, gearbox, washer pump, wiper arm and linkage. Working principle of wiper system is that the windshield wiper is driven by the motor which provide the required power to the system.

The gear is used to control the force that the motor delivers to drive the wiper in the required motion with specific speed. Motor on the driver side creates pressure and the connecting link moves the windshield wiper on the other side. Spring linkage attached to the pivot drivers to return the wiper to its original position. Motor maintains the power in the system until wipers returns to its down position and then the wiper motor cuts the power. Moisture can create rust and effect the working of motor and hence automotive wiper motors are needed to be replaced on time to time basis.

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Automotive Wiper Motor Global Market dynamics:

Automotive wiper market is estimated to show prominent growth in CAGR over the estimated period. Need of clear visibility and adverse weather condition are the prominent driver for the automotive wiper global market. Automotive wiper motor is needed to be required in working condition all the time to maintain the clear view even in the adverse conditions. Growth in the automotive industry will result in the production of vehicle which in turn drive the automotive wiper market over the estimated period.

Research and development to launch new technology and more advance version of wiper motor with updated features will invite the attention of the automotive OEMs as well as the end consumer for procuring the automotive wiper motors. Moreover, the life of automotive wiper motor is less as compared to the overall life span of the vehicle and require continuous maintenance hence it is needed to be replaced after specific period of time which accelerates the aftermarket of automotive wiper motor. The automotive repair, servicing and maintenance is expected to drive the automotive wiper motors market in a significant fashion.

Automotive Wiper Motor Global Market: Regional Outlook:

Asia Pacific is estimated to account for the prominent share of automotive wiper market due to the increase in production and demand of automobile in countries like China, Japan and India.

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North America and Europe automotive wiper market is estimated to grow due to the prominent use of passenger car. Regions with adverse climatic condition creates significant demand for the automotive wiper motor. Automotive wiper motor is needed to be maintained in the adverse climatic condition and this drive the automotive wiper aftermarket.

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