RCVR Officially Launches Offering Top Grade Over-the-Counter Supplements

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RCVR, which stands for Replenished, Complete, Viable and Recovered, now makes choosing supplements simple and effective

DALLAS, TX–(Marketwired – Nov 8, 2017) – Today, RCVR announces its official launch as a supplements company providing high quality products to individuals with a unique approach. RCVR, which stands for Replenished, Complete, Viable and Recovered, simplifies the overwhelming and loosely regulated world of supplements by providing a pure, simple and evidence-based solution for every person, in every walk of life. To accomplish this, RCVR packages its supplement options into three simple groups: general health and wellness, performance and training, and recovery from inflammation and pain.

“We wanted to take the complex, overwhelming world of supplements and simplify it for consumers,” said Eric Rauscher, one of RCVR's founding partners. “We've spent the last three years researching a simpler and evidence-based solution, ultimately leading to the creation of RCVR. The end product is a foundation of high quality supplements offering pure ingredients free of fillers, additives and contaminants trusted and used by healthcare professionals that address the three simple pillars of life.”

RCVR offers the below supplements categorized into three simple options, and is available to purchase conveniently as packages, or individually:

  • RCVR Replenish ($69.00 USD)
    • For general health and wellness, this package includes:
      • Multi Complete (Multivitamin), which supplies important micronutrients for optimal health
      • EFA Pro (Essential fatty acids / Omegas), an ideal balance of Omega 3,6, and 9 fatty acids
      • D3 Pro 2000 (Vitamin D), a supplement micro-emulsified to enhance absorption of Vitamin D
  • RCVR Recover ($109.00 USD)
    • For performance and training, this package includes:
      • Multi-Pro (Multivitamin), a high potency supplement including important micronutrients for optimal health
      • EFA Pro (Essential fatty acids / Omegas), an ideal balance of Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids for maximizing training
      • Whey Protein Pro, a full complement of amino acids in an organic form for complete recovery
  • RCVR Remove ($99.00 USD)
    • For rehabilitation, inflammation and pain, this package includes:
      • IkB Pro (Anti-inflammatory), which provides antioxidant properties resulting in marked benefits on the inflammatory process
      • Musculo Pro (supports the musculoskeletal system), a complete formula designed to support the musculoskeletal system while demonstrating anti-swelling activity
      • Relief Pro (combination of proteolytic enzymes), which provides a remedy for swelling and discomfort 

RCVR products are available online and at select retail centers. For more information about RCVR or to purchase supplements, visit www.rcvrnutrition.com.

About RCVR:

Research is a vital part of the supplement industry. The team behind RCVR develops new methods of accurate analysis, isolates new compounds, assists in clinical research, and measures and implements the benefits of new, effective delivery systems. RCVR sources the highest-grade supplements and offers three packages that revolve around and serve three phases of life. The result is a unique, cutting edge brand that takes all the guesswork out of supplements. RCVR provides a trustworthy, easy choice for consumers. For more information on RCVR, visit www.rcvrnutrition.com.

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Brad Bennett

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