QuickSTAT France Life Science Logistics Specialists Receive IATA CEIV Pharma Certification for Pharmaceutical Handling, Transport and Logistics

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IATA CIEV Pharma Award presented to Herve Valler, QuickSTAT

Our customers can be confident that their products will be handled and transported with the utmost care and according to label claim, ensuring product integrity and patient safety, says Herve Valler, SVP QuickSTAT France


QuickSTAT France, a leading global life science logistics specialist, has received the CEIV Pharma certification by IATA. The certification proves the highest service and quality standards developed by IATA and the pharmaceutical Industry are met for the handling, transportation and logistics of pharmaceutical goods. QuickSTAT is the only specialty courier in France to receive this certification.

The assessment and subsequent certification by CEIV Pharma ensures compliance of pharmaceutical handling and logistics across all requirements of GDP quality management systems. The qualification process, led by QuickSTAT’s Director of Quality & Compliance, Robert Tungatt, illustrates that QuickSTAT France meets the same high level of quality standards for time and temperature-sensitive services that the life science and healthcare industries adhere to.

CEIV Pharma (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics) has been developed by IATA airline association as an initiative to bring global standards and achieve handling excellence for pharmaceuticals transport across the entire aviation transport network.

This initiative addresses the industry’s need for more consistent safety, security, compliance and efficiency across the world. Certification ensures that an organization’s facilities, equipment, operations and staff comply with all applicable standards, regulations and guidelines expected from pharmaceutical manufacturers.

To qualify for certification, an independent assessment and audit must be conducted to confirm all elements required of a GDP compliant organization, covering:

  • IATA Temperature Control Regulations (TCR)
  • European Union Good Distribution Practices (EU GDP)
  • World Health Organization Annex 5
  • United States Pharmacopeia Standard

“The entire QuickSTAT France team is very proud to be certified CEIV Pharma, which demonstrates our commitment to the pharma and biotech industry. Our customers can be confident that their products will be handled and transported with the utmost care and according to label claim, ensuring product integrity and patient safety” says Hervé Valler, QuickSTAT France, Senior Vice President.

About The Quick Group
For over 36 years, The Quick Group has been serving the life science and healthcare community worldwide, providing 24/7 global priority logistics and transportation solutions for time and temperature-sensitive, mission-critical and life saving needs.

QuickSTAT Global Life Science Logistics
QuickSTAT is an expert in managing global clinical trial logistics for all phases of research and drug development– from pre-clinical, to clinical, through to commercialization. QuickSTAT specializes in end-to-end transport for clinical research specimens, investigational drugs, clinical trial supplies and personalized medicine.

Quick Specialized Healthcare Logistics
Quick is the trusted logistics leader for the healthcare industry, serving the community for over 35 years. Quick safely and quickly transports human organs and tissue for transplant or research, personalized medicine, as well as blood, blood products, cord blood, bone marrow, and medical devices/equipment.

Contact:    Marie T. Vigliarolo, SVP Marketing
The Quick Group
718.995.3616 ext. 2207     

Hervé Valler, SVP
QuickSTAT France
+33(0) 1 70 91 27 37 ext. 7700
[email protected]

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