Queen of Yoga Tina Tang promotes the benefits of Yogalates on the large screen overlooking Times Square

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SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 26, 2017 — On December 26, a video featuring Tina Tang, known as the Queen of Yoga in Taiwan, was shown for the first time on the large screen overlooking New York's Times Square, providing a view into the world Yogalates, a combination of classical Yoga and modern Pilates.

Tina Tang, Yoga Alliance RYI lead-trainer advocates Yogalates practicing

By combining Yoga, which originated in ancient times, with Pilates, a modern science-based physical fitness system created in Germany, Yogalates enhances the flexibility of the body, while focusing on building strength in the postural muscles. In comparison with practicing Yoga or Pilates independently, Yogalates provides more comprehensive benefits to the body in a safer way. In addition, Yogalates responds to our diversified needs in modern times as, on the one hand, it provides tailored training programs and, on the other, intensity for individual exercisers.

As a Yoga Alliance-certified instructor, a Yoga teacher at Taipei Medical University and Pilates instructor at the rehabilitation department of Wan Fang Hospital, Tina has continued to refine Yogalates for years, taking the best from the practice of Yoga and Pilates that she had mastered while studying in the USA. She is now focused on promoting Yogalates in China.

The popularity of Yogalates has continued to increase in China. Tina said she aims to expand the practice into other parts of the world. She believes that sub-health status is a major issue for most of the world's population. Yogalates has proven advantages in terms of effect and exercise intensity and is suitable for different populations, especially women in the workforce who want to look good. With the exposure provided by the message on the large billboard overlooking Times Square, Tina hopes to make this beneficial exercise program available to more people around the world.

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