Qode Social Senior Manager Hugo Filipe Speaks at the Billion Dollar Panel Discussion

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TORONTO,ON, CANADA – 11-17-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

Qode Social is proud to announce that Hugo Filipe, Senior Manager of Digital and Social Media, was a key speaker at the Billion Dollar Panel Discussion, which was organized by #WorkshopsByHuda by Huda Alvi. The discussion was focused on the influencer marketing industry in terms of when and how influencers are used by different companies. Speakers representing various brands and PR companies were able to share their insights with others at this 2 hour panel discussion.

As one of 5 guest speakers that spoke about the current trends in influencer marketing, Mr. Filipe discussed the importance of building strong relationships with influencers and bloggers in today’s digital landscape. Other topics included brand partnerships, how to get paid for brand collaborations, how to be added to VIP mailing and events list and much more.

According to Mr. Filipe, “Qode Social is committed to developing strong ties with influencers that are shaping consumer buying trends. Today’s shoppers are turning to the people they trust most on the Internet to receive feedback on products before making a purchase.”

Influencers can have thousands of people following their blogs or social media channels. When a trusted blogger or a social media influencer endorses a product or service the effect on the marketplace can be quite dramatic. Many new product launches depend on influencers in order to see success.

About Qode Social

Qode Social is a social media marketing and management company that works with influencers to help companies market their products, brands or services. The agency seeks out the most valuable influencers in various industries in order to form strong partnerships and collaborations with them.

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Company Name: Qode Social
Full Name: Hugo Filipe
Phone: 416-244-1851
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Website: www.qodesocial.com

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