Programmable Stage Lighting Market: Industry Analysis, Growth and New Market Opportunities Explored

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Albany, NY — 12/19/2017 — Stage lighting is the term generally used for meeting presentations, it refers to the use of a wide variety of lighting devices placed in different locations at different angles to get different visual effects for presentations, performances and stage shows. Programmable Stage Lightings are the lighting system controlled and programmed digitalized. Programmable stage lights are used to illuminate concerts, performances, events and the theatrical productions. They are also used in sound stages and television. Along with the lights, the other necessary devices that are used in stage lighting includes dimmers, controllers, cables, and lighting instruments. Major functions of the stage lighting are visibility, composition, motivation and mood.

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Programmable stage lighting have replaced the old traditional analog electrical circuit control systems. These lights come in various forms which comprises of amazing lights which can be programmed to change color, move or change patterns. Since programmable stage lightings is digitally controlled, major light shows and events can be easily programmed and run by laptops and computers. One of the major restraining factor for the programmable stage lightings is the lack of professional knowledge in controlling the lightings.

From stage lighting to the managing of the crowd. One should know the principle of controlling the light, dimming, and focusing the lights at a right time to get the maximum real time visual experience. Currently most common type of programmable stage lights includes light emitting diode whose major advantages over other types of lights includes low power consumption, high quality light output, low heat generation, light weight and easily portable, multiple color effects, small and compact in design, high brightness, and longevity. Few qualities that a programmable stage lighting should have are good intensity of light, colorful, directional, and focused.

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Moreover, with the feeling of enchanting experience, increase in demand and growth of designing and technological advancement are witnessing to match the requirements of the programmable stage lightings, which is expected to positively support the growth of Programmable stage lighting market during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025. The programmable stage lighting market has seen huge growth in the stage lighting industry in recent years.

The programmable stage lighting market is segmented into type, technology, application, and geography. Segmentation by type is done on the basis of LED lights, Halogen lights and Laser lights. Based on technology type, the programmable stage lighting market is further segmented into Wi-fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee. Further segmentation by application is bifurcated into indoor and outdoor.

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The programmable stage lighting market is segmented on the basis of geography into North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. The U.S. is anticipated to hold significant market share in programmable stage lighting market followed by Europe due to the number of stage shows performed by artists frequently. However, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to emerge as the one of the fastest growing market in coming years due to developing entertainment industry in economies such as China, India and Japan.

Some of the major players in programmable stage lighting includes Martin (Brand by Harman), Chroma-Q, Apollo Lighting, Philips Lighting Holding B.V., General Electric, Times Square Lighting, Blizzard Lighting, Altman Lighting, Chauvet Professional, and ADJ products among others

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