President Christopher Mihoulides of Credit Counsel, Inc. Maintains High Debt Recovery in Medical Field Industry

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Press Release updated: Dec 15, 2017 12:51 EST

MIAMI, December 15, 2017 – Medical providers and practices are becoming more aggressive about collecting unpaid medical debts. With the current state of the health care system, these medical businesses are feeling pinched. One avenue to make sure a company gets the highest debt recovery rate is hiring Christopher Mihoulides and his firm, Credit Counsel, Inc.

For the past two decades, Credit Counsel, Inc. has helped companies in the medical industry recover precious debt from patients. Located in Miami, Florida, Mihoulides and his business have a long list of clients that are known nationally and across the world.

“It has been a delight to partner with Credit Counsel, Inc. regarding bad debt collections,” says Hirela Solano of Caregiver Services. “The firm produces good results at reasonable rates promptly. I never have a reservation in recommending Mihoulides and his business.”

Since 1997, the debt recovery staff handling the medical industry adheres to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism. Each medical industry collector handles a claim with a patient from the very first call. This engaging relationship is dealt with all the way to coordination in a possible lawsuit. Also, this service assures continuity in approach and consistent communication.

“Our main goal is to preservice the company's image in the industry, and achieve the highest possible return on each dollar placed,” states Mihoulides. “Our motto is simple: if there is no collection, there is no charge.”

New Web Portal Guarantees Transparency

The development of Credit Counsel, Inc.'s new web portal makes it easier for medical companies to track their debt recovery. Each medical practice has the power to monitor collections activity in real-time and in a secure avenue.

Also, each medical business can upload new accounts, verify balances and payments, and view collector notes any time of the day. Every agent is required to sign on the system during the day which allows real-time evaluations and updates.

Not only can each medical practice view account data, but they can also now easily download data from the web portal for their records. This service allows complete transparency and provides comfort to Mihoulides' clients during the debt recovery process.

Relying On Expertise And Unique Strategy Practices

Credit Counsel, Inc. is leading the charge in advancing debt recovery technology to their clients. But they still rely on expertise and strategies twenty years old.

Their statistical model leverages consumer behavioral data, and particular account attributes to manage ongoing collection activity. Also, decades of proven medical industry experience, coupled with these unique strategies, result in a maximum return on investment with Mihoulides' clients.

Furthermore, using credit data analysis tools in real intelligence exposes hidden risks with a client. These reports give Credit Counsel, Inc. an advantage over their competitors.

Next, while Mihoulides uses scientific tools and analysis, he proudly boasts of his staff.

“Our greatest strength lies in our staff and collectors,” states Mihoulides. “Our staff is dedicated to developing extensive relationships with clients in the medical industry.”

The staff benefits from heavily focusing on training and development. This practice ensures that the individual performance of each Credit Counsel, Inc. team member upholds to the reputation built for the past two decades.

Mihoulides and Credit Counsel, Inc. not only excel in the medical industry. They also manage accounts in commercial and international debt collection.

The agency efficiently collects on past due statements for commercial debt, posting high recovery rates.

Also, concerning international debts, money knows no boundary. Neither does Credit Counsel, Inc. The company has dealt with debtors in numerous countries and has handled multiple currencies.

Finally, no matter what industry or company needs help with collecting significant debt, Credit Counsel, Inc. will provide the highest recovery rate. These guaranteed services are a promise by Mihoulides and his experienced team.

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