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LAS VEGAS, NV – 12-19-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

Even after SEO optimized contents are produced, they cannot give you the results you require except they are sent to the right places. So one thing is to have the right copywriter and another thing is to have the content promoted on some top quality sites such as ABC and FOX.

In the Press Release Distribution industry, not everything that glitters is gold. Some companies pretend to be the solution to your problem when they actually make things worse in the long run. Some of them refuse to divulge some details to the public because they know that if clients found out, they will never get their patronage.

Fortunately, Press Release Jet created some time to investigate the operations of some major press release distribution services. They specifically wanted to know how and where the news distributed by some services goes to. Most of their research seemed successful and the results are summarized below.

Press Release Jet syndicates to between 250+ media sites and 375+ media sites depending on the recurring package you want. Single press releases are promoted on 250+ to 400+ media sites. Some of the outlets include ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, Bloomberg News and CW.

Cision PRWeb has a maximum of 150 media outlets for a package that costs $369. This is extremely expensive especially when compared with Press Release Jet’s offers.

PR.com has much less media outlets than Press Release Jet. Theirs is just about 5 media sites that are even of low quality. Unfortunately, they charge $30 per order, making it cost $6 per media site that cannot be vouched for.

PR Newswire.com has an average media outlet of 350 sites for single press releases that cost $775. That makes the site better than Cision PRWeb and PR.com but obviously not as good as Press Release Jet.
In summary, Press label offer Release Jet gives you the best returns on your investment. To start taking advantage of their wider area of coverage and their white label offer, simply contact them to make an order.

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