Placement Loop, Inc. and Starzone Sports to Serve the European Amateur Ice Hockey Market.

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Representatives from Placement Loop and Starzone Sports announced this week that the two companies have entered into an agreement to launch a product that serves the amateur ice hockey market in Europe.

Placement Loop is currently leading the way to help family advisors grow and manage their book of business in amateur ice hockey, while Starzone Sports’ expertise lies in player training and evaluation. The partnership will make it easier for parents of young prospects to get quality training, evaluations, and mentorship for their son/daughter from former NHL players and former Elite European pros, as well as help ice hockey family advisors, evaluators, and trainers match players with teams at best-fit.

Starzone Sports has created a portal to deliver the product which increases the probability of identifying best-fit between players and teams and which translates into best experience. Currently, the product is focused on the male amateur segment but will expand into female as well.

“We’re excited to partner with Starzone’s leadership and network to identify best-fit opportunities for players. For Placement Loop, the partnership gets our ice hockey business to scale faster and provides the data we need to develop more accurate matching algorithms for our users”, said Kevin Carroll, CEO of Placement Loop, Inc.

“As CEO of Starzone Sports, I am thrilled to form a partnership with Placement Loop. The launch will combine our unique concepts and goals and ultimately fill a much-needed void in the evaluation, mentorship, identification, and placement for aspiring young hockey players. Our ultimate goal is to provide the expertise to get young hockey players insight on how to improve their game, and ultimately steer them towards the best situation possible for individual success, both short and long term”, said Thomas Eriksson, CEO of Starzone Sports LLC.

Placement Loop will focus on making it easier for parents to get quality evaluations and mentorship for their son/daughter and help ice hockey family advisors, evaluators, and trainers match players with teams at best-fit.

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